Too stupid to be educated

If you attend a University lecture there is an expectation that you are both willing and able to learn. You may of course encounter ideas that are challenging and perhaps find difficult to grasp, so when that happens the right thing to do is to simply get up and walk out because ignorance and stupidity … Read more

Fighting evil Atheists!!!

Sue Blackmore wrote a fabulous article in yesterdays Guardian … she writes … At a family baptism I was appalled when the congregation was called to combat aggressive atheists – I don’t want to fight While she was attending a family baptism … (ah the things we suffer for family) … all was apparently going … Read more

Why I no longer believe religion is a virus of the mind

Don’t panic, I’ve not suddenly gone religious … no instead, new data is now available to suggest something else. Sue Blackmore, a leading expert in Memes, has written a very interesting article in todays Guardian (why is it always the Guardian with the really interesting stuff). So she starts off with an explanation of what … Read more