Will Satanists really be running after school clubs?

There have been reports that the Satanic Temple will soon be setting up After School clubs, so is there any truth to this or have you just tripped over a bit of summer season silliness churned out by a hack while the real journalists are away on vacation? It is also the sort of story that can … Read more

Satanic Rituals at a Bible Belt City council

It really happened. This is story about David Suhor from the Satanic Temple and how he delivered a rather unique invocation at a Pensacola City Council meeting deep in the heart of the US Bible belt a couple of weeks ago. As you might perhaps anticipate, it provoked a reaction and so we also had protesters in … Read more

Is sin real – Are we really just a few heartbeats away from depravity and wickedness? – Part II

I was writing yesterday about the religious claim that the default status of humans is that we are all fundamentally flawed, and suggested that if this was really true then the world should not be getting better, yet as a stark contrast to that the measurable worldwide trend is one in which violence of all types … Read more



Secularphobia is one of those phobia words that rather a lot of people have a bit of a phobia about (logo-phobia perhaps). Such words do convey and describe fears that are quite real. Some we are familiar with … Homophobia: there still are many out there with an irrational fear of people who were born … Read more

Claim: Islam backs free speech and secular government

There is an article up on Salon written by Qasim Rashid that claims  … As a practicing Muslim, I don’t believe Islam is above criticism. I do believe that Islam backs free speech. I also believe that Islam champions secular governance. But what’s significant about my beliefs is why I believe them — which is because they are precisely … Read more

Radical Muslim Scholars demand UN impose worldwide ban on ‘Contempt of Religion’

The following has been reported … Earlier this week, the Qatar-based international Union of Muslim Scholars– headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual guide of Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood– called upon the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal.In a statement released on Tuesday, the Union said that there should be “protection for ‘prophets’” and urged … Read more