New Republican Bill calls for ‘genital-checking’ for public bathrooms.

When you come across some stories of such extreme absurdity then often the most immediate and obvious conclusion is that it just must be satire, and usually that leap is the right call. So try digesting this and getting it past your well honed satire meter … Republicans demand girls flash their vaginas to get … Read more

Noam Chomsky – “GOP Is ‘Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival”

It is perhaps natural to view those who hold a different political view in a negative light, but the US Republican party has gone way beyond the norm, abandoned all reason, and more or less handed over the keys of their kingdom to a band of complete lunatics. This is perhaps something of considerable concern … Read more

Why do poor people in red states vote Republicans into office?

You would think that people on social welfare and Medicaid would be voting to elect those that support the concept of social welfare into office, yet time after time the candidates opposed to such support keep getting elected, so it can only leave you wondering what exactly is going on inside their heads – why do they … Read more

The decline and demise of the Republican party in the US

PublicPolicyVoting conducted a recent poll in which many questions, (42 to be precise), were asked. It is a real poll and you can find the details within a huge PDF here. Browse and you will find many interesting questions and some rather surprising and quite shocking responses, and so you need to be aware that this was … Read more