The decline and demise of the Republican party in the US

PublicPolicyVoting conducted a recent poll in which many questions, (42 to be precise), were asked. It is a real poll and you can find the details within a huge PDF here.

Browse and you will find many interesting questions and some rather surprising and quite shocking responses, and so you need to be aware that this was specifically a survey of just 532 Republican primary voters that was carried out 16-17 Dec. The answers might for many be a tad odd but they do not reflect general US thinking, just GOP supporters.

As an example Q38 asks …”Would you support or oppose bombing Agrabah?”, and this is how it breaks down …

Are you shocked that as many as 30% support the bombing of Agrabah, or to look at the breakdown above, as many as 41% of Trump voters do?

Well if not, then you should be, and this is why …

Yes … Agrabah is not a real city at all, and so it is quite frankly hilarious and also symbolically appropriate that as many as 41% of these Trump voters support the idea of bombing a totally fictitious Disney city.

Then again, perhaps they did know and simply hated the movie.

That might be funny, but there is extremely serious stuff here as well

Read the poll results and you discover some quite frankly disturbing results …

Such thinking belongs in 1930s Germany not the Republican party primaries, but please do not blame the voters polled, instead the full responsibility rests with the leading presidential candidates who have been vigorously touting such ideas for the past few months now.

What is quite clear is that the modern Republication party has gone completely and utterly insane and has embarked upon a road paved with ideas that are not only opposed to their core values, but are also opposed to basic human rights, and that is a very disturbing trend. While I do not have any confidence in the GOP, I do however have a considerable degree of confidence in the vast majority of the US population, and so this is not a road that will lead to political extremism in the US, but rather is one that commits the GOP to a complete and total wipeout on election day.

4 thoughts on “The decline and demise of the Republican party in the US”

  1. It has been some time I have followed your blog and have found reason to argue with just about everything you have said, while reciprocating typically the same emotion and anger in my comments as you have in your posts.

    This morning I have thought about the productivity of this endeavor and the effect it might have, and honestly as much as I find your biased propaganda to be unproductive, I too am partaking in responding in an unproductive and unhealthy way. I’m sure putting my nose in offensive opinions and thus offending your opinions do not do good to either of us.

    I’m sorry for the headache I have been. Forgive me- my anger towards actions or opinions can cause me to in those moments lack compassion. I will no longer follow or post on your blog and wish you peace and happiness. I’m sure you will have more of both without my combative posts.

    • Chris, if what I write is “biased propaganda” and not evidence based, then it should be rather easy to refute it with verifiable facts, and yet within our various interactions I’m quite honestly not finding such facts at all.

      You are of course most welcome to comment in whatever way you wish, or not to comment at all if you wish. As for what comes next I too only wish you well in whatever you do. I would however encourage you to continue to expose yourself to conflicting thoughts and ideas, for we can all continue to learn by doing that.

  2. Oh how naive you are lol. You sound like any typical elitist liberal, or any agenda media channel. “Trump says we should ban Muslim’s until we can figure out how to properly screen them” progresses to “Trump says we should ban Muslims” translated to “Trump hates Muslims” translates to “Trump is a bigoted Muslim hating piece of filth”. It’s like a gross progression of the “telephone game” that gets sheep to reason into the idea somehow they are not sheep.

    Also according to our very laws we may ban those who wish to harm us or who will preach on harming us from entering out country.

    Every media outlet hates trump, and delights in spinning anything and everything, and it doesn’t stop him.

    He will get elected, and the wealthy lobbyists who have their hands in every pocket of every media channel will lose their power.


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