Yet Another Fake Miracle Claim – Why do people believe this stuff?

This past week Hemant Mehta flagged up yet another dubious miracle claim … Here is a transcript of what self-appointed “global impact evangelist” Nathan French claimed during his live streaming event last week … … and one lady came because God was growing legs out. You know, sometimes people have misaligned spines, or one leg just … Read more

“Evidence” from a devout Catholic

OK, so Dave Armstrong, a Catholic Apologist, posts in response to an email from a reader of his blog asking for evidence. He takes the following stance … Why do you assume that empirical evidence is the only kind of indication that God exists? If indeed God [the Father] is a spirit (as we Christians believe), how in the world is … Read more

Miraculous Healing is myth and not real

The earlier blog posting (here) regarding the faith healing cult that refuses all medical care for their children prompts me to now step back and think about the entire faith healing concept. Of all the possible spiritual gifts that religious folks claim, this one is perhaps the best hope for yielding solid proof that a spiritual realm really exists outside our current understanding of reality. Many of those who attend healing crusades have officially diagnosed illnesses, so all that is needed is a quick trip back to the doctor to verify that the illness has now vanished. If looking for solid proof, don’t just go for something vague such as back pain. Instead look for something dramatic and very easily verified such as a blind man who can now see, or somebody who turned up in a wheelchair and then walked out.

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