High-Profile Gay Wedding cake case at the US Supreme court

gay wedding cake

A legal case that has been trundling its way through the US system has finally reached the US supreme court and had a hearing last Tuesday (5th Dec). The essence of this concerns a couple named Mr Mullins and Mr Craig, pictured above, who went into the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, near Denver back in 2012 owned … Read more

Preacher Gives a Familiar Speech Against Gay Rights, but With a Surprising Twist

This is not a new story, but rather is an old one that dates back to 2012. The Friendly Atheist has been highlighting some of his older postings on Facebook, and while this goes back a few years, it was new to me. The context is a council meeting in Springfield, Missouri where testimony is being offered … Read more

Anti-Gay bakers – the mythology and the facts

Often associated with a controversial issue is a narrative that is not wholly factual, but instead panders to a specific stance, and is popularised because it helps to protect an irrational position. There is also a full conversation, one that includes all the facts, and unless you are familiar with that full conversation then there is … Read more

Daft Claim: “Equality Will Destroy Moral Foundation Of The World”

In a truly bizarre twist, Rick Santorum, the self-appointed representative of the folks who claim to hold the high moral ground, is claiming that equality will destroy the moral foundation of the world. Over in the HuffPo we learn this as follows … During an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Santorum doubled down on earlier … Read more

Daft Claim: Gay people are pedophiles who want to recruit your sons

Yep, it’s Pat Robertson of course. So here is how it plays out … A widow writes in concerned about her son who lives with her – no age is specified Apparently her son is in a gay relationship with another man who is married and so she asks for guidance on what to do. … Read more

Clocks back 200 years in Indiana as they sign in the right to discriminate law

The signpost above is of course a joke and does not actually exist, and while we might laugh, we also need to remember that a rather serious point is being raised. So the context here is that Republican Gov. Mike Pence has just signed into law the freedoms for religious beliefs law. The very vocal opposition that … Read more