How to Make a Small Fortune on the Stock Market

First, I better set your expectations correctly, I’m not trying to sell you anything, nor am I giving you actual financial guidance. Instead this is a posting about how utterly absurd the pricing of the DJT stock actually is. However, I will tell you a guaranteed way that you can use to make a small … Read more

Asset Management is almost akin to Voodoo and is just as credible

Most specializations end up developing their own language, for example immerse yourself into either the Medical or IT arena, and you soon find yourself swimming in a tide of weird terms that often befuddle the uninitiated.

Here now, just to entertain you, is a “translation” from the “Asset management” universe. It amused me, because I received a letter just like it a few weeks ago that tripped my “skeptic” bullshit alarm. These folks only tend  to send out letters when some huge screw up has happened, so regardless of what the letter says, you know in your heart of hearts its an “Oh Shit” moment, because they are most probably explaining why your pension fund has shrunk (with a rich sugar coat wrapping). Anyway, here now is the text and the translation …

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Catholicism in Ireland facing financial bankruptcy

The UK’s Guardian reports today that many parishes in Dublin are  close to financial collapse due to child abuse compensation payments. Their source for this is a leaked internal report from the Council of Priests that was published in this week’s edition of the Irish Catholic newspaper. The Guardian article says …

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