7 question you should never ask an atheist

Jack Wellman, Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas, has a posting up in which he has 7 questions to Ask an Atheist. I am quite frankly amused because these are 7 questions you really should not be asking any atheist … ever … unless of course you enjoy having your ass chewed … Read more

Is the Easter Myth really a “fact” ?

Easter is fast approaching and so the apologists are once again ramping up their rather familiar arguments. A rather popular example of this is perhaps Lee Strobel who is promoted as the Atheist Journalist who turned to Jesus and converted after examining all the evidence for the resurrection. Wow, “evidence”, now that sounds interesting. Ah but is this … Read more

Magical Thinking

If you have ever debated with a deeply religious person, then perhaps you have come across the picture below, or some variation of it … Initially, you might be tempted to counter with, “Ah so you simply believe that god did it all by magic“, or similar … but if you do then you will be … Read more

John Lennox claims … “You can’t explain the universe without God”

A Muslim has been posting on Facebook some rather selective cherry-picked quotes from John Lennox’s Daily Mail article of 3rd Sept 2010. The fact that our Muslim friend did not attribute the source of his quotes and so by default implied they were his own is rather dishonest, but perhaps understandable because he was in fact … Read more