Daft Claim: The Bible trumps Science

Young earth creationist Ken Ham, the chap who is famous for spending over £100 million to build a life-sized replica of Noah’s ark, is on twitter. If you tap into his feed then you will discover that while you will not be informed, you will at times be entertained by his quirky eccentric tweets. He believes some rather … Read more

Noah’s Folly

Over in Kentucky Answers in Genesis have finally completed the construction of a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark and opened it to the public, and so you can now, for a fee of $40 per adult, go and gap at this folly. It might sound like a fun based theme park, but this is not Disney, … Read more

Exactly how crazy is the Genesis creation myth?

Is the Genesis creation myth a metaphorical or poetical story that works at some level, or is it completely are utterly crazy because it is just too out of step with our modern understanding? If you read the text then you will discover a few rather surprising claims, for example … 14. And God said, Let there … Read more

Working on Noah’s Ark

You really can get a job working on Noah’s Ark, or to be a tad more precise the above modern recreation of it. The new theme park will be opening in a few months and so they will be taking on staff. Ah but there is a slight catch, you can only be accepted if you … Read more

Answers in Genesis on 1st April – Ancient non-Stick Frying Pan discovered

Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, the folks who assert that not just planet Earth, but the entire universe is 6,000 years old, wrote a blog posting on 1st April all about the discovery of ancient non-stick frying pans. He wrote … With the construction quickly progressing at the Ark Encounter site in Northern Kentucky, … Read more

Weird Claim of the week: “There is hope for Atheists”

Ken Ham, the chap who runs the Creation Museum, is I must admit a truly entertaining individual and does appear to be rather gifted at coming out with some truly weird stuff at times. His foundational thing is that not just planet earth, but the entire universe is only 6,000 years old and so apparently … Read more