The Wedding from hell

OK, just a bit of fun today, nothing too serious.

Photographer Josh Newton (who now gets a hell of a lot of free advertising) was taking some photos at the Oregon wedding of April and Michael. During the proceedings a small wildfire grew out of control and so they have ended up with some rather dramatic pictures such as this one below …

The_Wedding_from_hellJosh is actually quite a good photographer, and if curious you can see the entire wedding album here on his site.

As you might imagine, many media sites have picked it up such as the Daily Mail in the UK here or the Guardian here, and so this will indeed be Josh’s golden business moment with all this free advertising.

What of course is equally as much fun are the rather predictable public comments within various places  …

C’mon, baby, douse my fire.

So hot.

adds a new twist to the “dust to dust, ashes to ashes” vow

Hey, I saw this script in Modern Family when Cam and Mitchell were getting married.

Burning Love…

you’ve won the internet for the day.

I don’t know if getting married in the bowels of hell is a good omen
If this is not a foreshadow of the birth of a demon spawn, I dunno what is…

Oh but wait, something is a bit odd here, did it really happen?

Is it a Hoax?

There is also this picture that somebody has come up with …

ZJnbBJp Ah, so it is not real and has been faked then.

Nope, the claim that it is a hoax is in fact the hoax. A Photoshop geek was simply having a bit of fun and in fact confessed that he manufactured the hoax picture above (see below), so the first picture of the wildfire at the wedding is in fact the real deal.


So what can I say except … having such a hot wedding picture in indeed truly cool.


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