Its summer, the crazies are out of hibernation at the moment

Its the time of year known as the “Summer silly Season”, and as a prime example we have Channel 4’s 4ThoughtTV. Yes indeed, the bad pun should be a clue that the rest will not be all that well thought out. They appear to have dipped into the shallow end of the gene pool.

Last night we had (sorry, you better put your coffee down, if you had taken a quick sip as you read, its most lightly going to end up splattered all over your desktop) the UK’s self-appointed evangelist Steve Green who gave us a rant directly out of the dark ages. Apparently … we (the UK) are …

not reproducing ourselves except in the Muslim population”

Then goes on to explain …

in 30 years our dying civilization is going to be taken over by a stronger one and the obvious candidate is Islam and the gays aren’t going to like it much living under that system”

Oh, sorry about that, I did warn you to put your coffee down. Never mind, here borrow my tissue.

OK, so I guess its all about ratings, go out find the looniest nutter on the landscape and invite him on. It will no doubt have the desired effect of getting the ratings up.

Tragically we have more insanity to tolerate … on the 4th August we have Rev Peter Ould, who believes that God has helped him to overcome his attraction to men, hence there is no such thing as being gay. Then on on August 6th we have Rev Wale Babatunde who believes that the Bible is clear: God does not accept homosexuals in the same way that he does not accept thieves. Starting to see a theme here? Yes indeed, not just one, but a complete collection of wing-nuts all transported directly out of the dark ages for your viewing pleasure.

Do you feel I’m being a bit judgmental in labeling this the “Nutters” slot .. OK then, you be the judge. Looking backwards at previous progs we have …

On 1st Aug, “Kevin Carlyon is the High Priest of British White Witches and the official protector of the Loch Ness Creature in Scotland

On 31st July, “Twelve-year-old Jessica Bint is the only Pagan in her school, and loves to use her healing powers.

On 29th July, “Ed Prynn who believes in the magical power of stones and has built his very own Stonehenge in his back garden

Still think its not the nutters slot? If so, then you better seriously consider this …

One out of four people is mentally unbalanced. Think of your three best friends. If they seem all right then you’re the one.” – Slappy White

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