The Success of Silent protest against Pope’s visit in Ireland


If you read some reports of the visit to Ireland by Pope Francis  you perhaps get the impression that the visit was a resounding success. We have headlines such as … Irish Times: Up to 500,000 expected at Pope Francis’ Phoenix Park Mass Telegraph: Live: The Pope holds mass for 500,000 in Ireland The official website also … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

weird religious news

This weeks religious news contains a surprise that concerns Pope Francis defending the indefensible. When it comes to publicity and good PR he is usually the master of that and is normally very careful about what he says. When putting on a public mask I guess it is inevitable that occasionally the mask will slip. … Read more

Is Mother Teresa really a Saint?

Today, in fact 40 minutes ago as I write this, the Pope conducted some official Catholic PR by declaring the culturally popular icon, Mother Teresa, is now a Saint. He announced … “After due deliberation and frequent prayer for divine assistance, and having sought the counsel of many of our brother bishops, we declare and … Read more

Holy White Smoke … Jorge Mario Bergoglio has transformed into Francis I, but behind the mask are some dark secrets.

I could not resists saying something on the prevailing hot topic. Since much gushing of sugar-coated adoration is being freely dispensed by the mainstream, I thought I’d dig a bit and see what else is currently known, so here is what I have found so far … Gay Rights – Not In favor (not a … Read more

Neuroscientist applies for Vatican vacancy

lDean Burnett, a Neuroscientist, has applied for the new Vatican vacancy  … ah wait, he is also a comedy writer and stand-up comedian, so if you think you now know where this is going then you are spot on the mark. He has published his application in the Guardian … (prepare to be amused) … To: The Vatican (HR … Read more