Why did Republicans bring massive boost to Gay Sex workers in Cleveland?

As you might be aware, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland passed what is perhaps the most hostile anti-LGBT platform ever seen in its history. With that in mind you might perhaps anticipate that when it town all these white straight anglo-saxons would have caused the normal trade being plied by local gay sex workers … Read more

Is being gay a choice?


A rather common religious claim is that being gay is a lifestyle choice hence those who are gay are simply in rebellion against the “natural” order, but is this a factual claim? What is of course true is that being gay is indeed a choice, but not in the sense that Christians mean. (Now please don’t … Read more

Protesting against the anti-gay truck repair shop

OK, so most of this might already be known to you, stick with me here, there is a punch line coming at the end. The Christian owner of a Michigan truck repair shop, Brian Klawiter, announced on his Facebook page that he would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. His posting has since then … Read more

Handling the clash between “belief” and “reality” – A Gay Muslim goes to Mecca

The official position within most variations of the Abrahamic beliefs (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism), is that being gay is wrong and evil and so is also often deemed to be a lifestyle choice. This creates a huge conflict within many humans because it is not a choice, there are humans who have a different sexual orientation, and … Read more

YouTube clip that mocks ISIS

Be warned, this is NSFW, but also quite hilarious. Somebody has taken an ISIS propaganda clip and injected a new translation, one that completely mocks their mindset. I can see one commenter in YouTube observed “Hey, I speak arabic and this is not what they are saying?” … er well yes, that’s the point, this is … Read more

The Salvation Army and the “Gays Need to Be Put to Death” comment – what really happened.

The Salvation Army is of course a group that embraces traditional Christian views, but we all know that. In fact, they have a rather good public image because their mission is to help the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their “physical and spiritual needs”. I’m not so sure about the “spiritual” bit, that is … Read more