#FreeHugsProject attends Trump and Sanders rallies – result tells you everything

#FreeHugsProjectHere is a small fun and very practical demonstration of how things really are. Members of the #FreeHugsProject (yes, that is a real thing and has been so for 10 years), attended a Trump Rally, and of course they were welcomed with open arms? … er no, not exactly, but instead The Trump supporters behaved as you might anticipate they would. They then moved on to a Sanders Rally, and as a very stark contrast, random strangers there did indeed welcome them with open arms … quite literally.

So who exactly do you truly wish to be associated with? This is not a trick question, but rather is a measure that tests your basic human decency and ability to manifest empathy and compassion. There is only one right answer – if you pick the wrong one then you have failed.

So here is how it played out …

Now that really does sum it all up.

Under the video one commenter notes …

I’ve been to a Bernie rally before and let me tell you, it is nothing but love and friendship. We waited in line for 4 hours just to get in, and during that wait I met a lot of very kind people. Everyone I encountered was exactly like how the people were in this video were. I made friends, and everyone in our section of the line had a great experience together. Not a single person was ignorant or rude. I guess it shows the huge difference between Sanders and Trump supporters.

You might indeed look at what Trump has stirred up and despair, but be encouraged because Trump will not be getting elected, his supporters are only a minority of the electorate.

Free Hugs

The Free Hugs movement was started back in 2004 by an anonymous Australian chap, and then moved on to the International stage in 2006 when a YouTube clip went viral and was viewed by over 77 million people.

Here is that clip …

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