The Cult of Fools – “Lindell: Knocking on your door to ask if you are dead” – Oct 10, 2021

cult of fools
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Mike Lindell, AKA Mr Pillow has come up with a new “genius plan”. The idea is this; send folks out to conduct a door-to-door canvas to prove that the election was faked. His thinking is that there were votes cast by people who have long since moved away or passed away. Never mind that this claim has already been looked into and very robustly debunked, up pops Mike to give it another go. I’m not kidding

Josh Merritt, a former member of Lindell’s “red team” at his August “cyber symposium” in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, told Salon that Lindell is funding a last-ditch door-knocking effort based on rumors that there are many “phantom voters” — people who have died or moved away — on official rolls. This claim is not new, and has been thoroughly debunked

Merritt added that Lindell is “targeting areas of question based off info from guys like Dr. Douglas Frank and Seth Keshel.” Frank and Keshel are two of Lindell’s close associates, who have pushed a variety of baseless claims of voter fraud on the pillow tycoon’s behalf over the past year.

If a stranger came knocking on your door, and wanted to know your name and the details of exactly how you, and everybody in your house, had voted, then how would you respond?

I strongly suspect you can see how this will all play out.

So what else happened this past week?

Below you will find a selection of the bizarre and weird claims being promoted in the last 7 days. So, with a hat-tip to my main source, Right-Wing watch, it is time to dive in.

The Big Lie

MEDIAite (Oct 2): MAGA Attorney Lin Wood Tells Silent Crowd That 9/11 Was a Cover-Up Involving CGI and Missiles: ‘We Got Played’

  • I really need to send Lin a “Thank You” note for so very explicitly confirming that he has a complete lack of any grasp upon reality.
  • Fact Check: At 08:46, Flight 11 struck the North tower. This was such a dramatic event that the eyes of literally half the city were watching as Flight 175 impacted the south tower at 09:03

After months of hyping the Arizona audit, Dave Hayes now says the final report only appeared to be a bust because all the evidence of fraud is being kept secret so it can be used when prosecutors bring criminal cases before grand juries.

  • The pure beauty of simply making stuff up is that when facts conflict with your saga, you can just make up more shit to keep your show on the road.
  • This of course is all designed to suck people over to a website where he can sell them stuff, ask for donations so that he can continue spreading the Gospel according to Trump.
  • I’m really not kidding, over on amazon his self-published fiction that he presents as fact, sells for $10 a pop and he has lots to sell you. Wondrous titles include “Dream Interpretation”, “Operating in the court of angels”, “Travelling in the Spirit”, etc… He has done a landgrab of all the new age stuff from 40 years ago and has repurposed it for a gullible evangelical audience by giving it a pseudo-christian spin.
  • Incidentally, also this past week Dave Hayes Is Still churning out the old Q claim, Mass Arrests Will Happen ‘In the Not Too Distant Future’. He will most probably still be banging this drum in the decades ahead.


Michele Bachmann Says Conservatives Must Build ‘Parallel Institutions’ to Protect Them From the ‘Monstrous’ Biden Administration

  • Her claim that “we can’t trust that our better interests will be watched out for by the monsters” is a reference to the vaccine mandates. Indeed yes, they don’t want you to die, oh the horror of such a monstrous policy.
  • I guess I can now also look forward to Bachmann lobbying for right-wing roads so that people can exercise their freedom to choose which side of the road they wish to drive on at whatever speed they wish, with or without seatbelts or lights, and far away from all those official Federal roads “watched out for by the monsters“.

Tony Spell and Alex Jones agree that the United Nations controls the weather and that COVID-19 vaccines are part of Satan’s plan to depopulate the Earth “because he wants revenge against the human race.

  • I’d really appreciate knowing who in the UN to contact about the weather. I need the temperature bumped up a few degrees here please.
  • With 99% of the deaths being the unvaccinated clearly Satan’s plan to use the vaccine as a depopulation tool is rather naff

Mat Staver calls vaccine mandates “a purge” and says “the White House is the most hostile in history to America and America’s values. It is designed to literally destroy this county.”

  • In the context of over 700,000 dead in just the US alone, primarily due to the utter incompetence of the Trump administration, you would think that any rational person would support the one thing that keeps rather a lot more people from dying, but this is Mat Staver, so being sensible is not an option.


North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Says Guns Are a Gift From God ..”Those AR-15s and Glock 9mms and .45 calibers; where do you think they came from? Who do you think inspired them? God knew the world he was putting us into, so he formed in our mind the ability for us to be able to defend ourselves from anybody who may threaten us.

  • Well gosh, it turns out that the NRA is really a church promoting god’s precious gift … guns.
  • This perhaps means that Christians should of course be keeping copies of “Guns & Ammo” next to their bibles.
  • We all remember that famous bible verse where Jesus turned to his disciples and said “he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no AK-47, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” … and also of course … “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but an AR15 and a Glock“.

Speaking at a campaign event for MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, Ryan Fournier of Students for Trump says that President Joe Biden wants to destroy the Second Amendment and “would rather see you face down, dead, killed by a violent thug” than able to defend yourself.

  • If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, then blow then away with your AK-47” – Jesus in Matthew 5:39, the Pastor Lahmeyer revised version.

Truly Bizarre

Tony Spell thinks that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul “may be a man.”

  • Translation: Tony Spell has no credible arguments against any proposed policies, this rhetoric is all he has.

Dave Daubenmire declares that Right Wing Watch are “Luciferians” and wants you to know that he doesn’t “give a poop” what you think about him.

  • The guy who does not “give a poop” is apparently concerned enough to broadcast it as widely as he can possibly manage.
  • I’ve honestly no idea why he thinks that fans of the TV series Lucifer might actually “give a poop” about him.
  • Fact Check: While commonly used to refer to the devil, the name does not occur in the New Testament, and only occurs once in the Old testament as a reference to an actual human, the King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar, in the book of Isaiah. The modern cultural use of it as the devil is just a modern myth. Dave is claiming that we are follows of Nebuchadnezzar, and that quite frankly is hilarious because what is clear is that he does not comprehend the religious terms that he tosses out randomly like Halloween candy.

‘We Are Now in Wartime,’ Right-Wing Activist Mario Murillo Tells Intercessors For America’s ‘Prayer Warriors’ … “Even in our fallen state, Satan looks at America and says, ‘I can’t do what I want in bringing the Antichrist, the beast, and world domination as long as American freedom exists,’

  • For a guy who is a journalist and not a preacher, he truly deployed the religious rhetoric very thickly.
  • It’s deliberate of course, he knows how to press emotional buttons.
  • In his alternative universe, Catholic Biden and Baptist Harris are evil incarnate and the minions of Satan, but the pussy-grabber-in-chief, Mr Two Corinthians, is the anointed one, a messiah. Call me a tad picky if you wish, but surely the “minion of Satan” is not supposed to attend Catholic Mass each and every week.

Pastor Shane Vaughn declares that “God’s people don’t celebrate [Halloween] in any way, shape, or form” because it is a “demonic festival.”

  • Fact Check: “Halloween” or “All Hallows’ evening” is part of a very traditional Christian festival that was dedicated to remembering those that have passed. If Shane, and all those that listen to him, want no part of it, that perhaps vastly improves it for the rest of us.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson proclaims that people must turn to their Bibles for truth because a television set is “a one-eyed devil sitting right in your living room for the purpose of destroying your mind,” while asserting that the word “media” stands for “Most Evil Demon In America.

  • Yes indeed, all you naughty naughty people need to switch off your TVs and go open the book that has talking snakes, talking donkeys, and a 600 year old guy building a boat for every animal on the planet. This will ensure you get a good solid grasp on “truth”
  • Some might quip, “But it has good moral guidance … right?” Yes indeed, it gives you explicit instructions on how to correctly beat your slave. The deal is that if your slave survives the beating for a few days, then that just fine.
  • Remember now, this is all “truth” because North Carolina Lt Gov. Mark Robinson says so.

Michele Bachmann Says We Are Living in ‘The Absolute Worst Times’ in American History

  • And it is another “Indeed yes”. When you think back, the civil war and the great depression was just a walk in the park compared to our modern world of vaccines, technology, the internet, and innovation.
  • Pay attention folks, she advised “our government is engaging in probably some of the most horrific actions we have ever seen“. That is so true, we have mask mandates, and vaccine mandates to protect you, and (gasp!) an infrastructure bill and social policy to help those who need it, and a climate policy (shudders). Such pure evil and horror. Make way Hitler, we now have Biden.

The False Profit$

Jim Bakker is desperate for donations, warning that networks will soon stop carrying his program if he can’t come up with $1 million to pay his bills.

  • I’m not sure that grifter Bakker appreciates that he is making a really strong case to not donate to him. Having his weekly scam off the air would be a big win for everybody.
  • If he goes off the air then no more overpriced “end-times” food buckets at $1000 a pop or fake COVID cures, I will be utterly devastated and bereft with sorrow.

Pastor E.W. Jackson Tells Religious-Right Activists They Will Defeat Marxism, Homosexuality, and Other ‘Works of the Devil’

  • Jesus in Luke 14:12-14 “when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you, for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous
  • Pastor Jackson’s revised version “when you give a banquet, invite only the rich, the healthy, and the straight, fuck everybody else, especially the gays. Anything else is Marxist dogma and the work of the devil

Perry Stone claims to have spent 175,000 hours studying the Bible and declares that he’s 100 percent certain ... “that we literally have entered the last of the Last Days.”

Next Week?

You already know the answer.

Past experience very much accurately predicts future behaviour. The self-appointed prophets will continue to predict things that will never actually happen, the grifters will just carry on grifting because that is all they know, and those that have fallen into the rabbit hole of conspiracy thinking will simply keep digging even deeper as they assemble random meaningless patterns of chaos into supposed examples of nefarious plots by the mysterious “them”.

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