The Cult of Fools – Actions have consequences – Feb 28, 2021

It has been a popular stance for various individuals to promote the blatantly false claim that Trump won the election and that companies such as Dominion and Smartmatic that were responsible for that by arranging for their voting machine to manipulate votes.

You really don’t libel billion dollar corporations, totally trash their reputation in a manner that greatly impacts them financially, and then expect nothing to happen.

Both Dominion and Smartmatic have been launching billion dollar defamation suits against various promoters of these lies. I am quite frankly truly delighted to report that big names such as Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and also Fox News now face these suits.

The best available legal guidance is this (via CNBC) …

Dominion and Smartmatic have serious shot at victory in election disinformation suits, experts say

Actions really do have consequences.

What other insanity has bubbled to the surface during this past week?

You will find below a few samples that have popped up during the past week …

The Cult of Trump

  • Frank Amedia Says Trump Lost Because He Was Too Arrogant to Thank God for His Accomplishments
    • Trump lost because a majority voted for somebody else. A God played no role in that process.
    • It is in many ways also a reflection of the observation that his “Accomplishments” includes over half a million dead.
  • Kat Kerr declares that she has “a commission for my life” from Heaven to let those on Earth know that Donald Trump is “actually right now our president.”
    • Her “commission” comes via the voices in her head.


  • Mark Taylor warns that the COVID-19 vaccine is being injected into mosquitos as a way to forcibly vaccinate everyone and that the vaccine contains nanotechnology that allows the government to control people’s thoughts through frequencies emitted by the cell phones so they can “turn people into a dang robot.”
    • We should perhaps tell him to announce that “they” intend to vaccinate via Contrails from aircraft, but that wearing a mask protects you from this.

Biden Fan Club

  • Wayne Allyn Root is convinced that Barack Obama is currently the president: “We all know the feeble old man now called ‘President’ would be more at home in an assisted living home, than the White House. That man can’t be our new president. I have news for my fellow conservatives, Republicans, capitalists and patriots. Biden’s not president. He’s a puppet. Yes, we have a new president. But his name is…Barack Obama. Admit it. Now that I’ve said it out loud, it all makes sense. Obama is the real president, back for his third term, to finish the job.
    • For Wayne, reality is a distant land way over the horizon.


  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green announces that she’ll be voting against the “disgusting, immoral, and evil” Equality Act.
    • Equality … (shudders), what a truly disturbing concept, no wonder she is rattled.
  • Rick Wiles Floats 2024 Presidential Campaign, Promises to Seize the Wealth of Billionaires and Give it to the Poor
    • Rick might find that his racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and antisemitic views to be a bit of a deal breaker.
  • The Family Research Council claims that “the Equality Act is a grave and treasonous threat to our nation’s core values contained in our First Amendment.”
  • Kat Kerr says that she was “taken forward in time” and shown the media being forced to announce that “Trump has legally won the election and he is the President of the United States for four more years.” She says this will happen within a couple of weeks… or maybe months.
    • The actual date when this will really happen is … never.

False Profit$

  • Greg Locke declares that those who believe the Bible is the word of God know that Joe Biden is not the president.
    • Those familiar with Greg Locke know that Greg is highly gifted at talking out of his ass.
  • Charlie Shamp insists that his prophecy that Donald Trump would be reelected was accurate and nothing will ever be able to change his mind, so he’s just going to wait for history to prove him right because “history always vindicates the prophetic.
    • History has already confirmed that Charlie is a delusional fool.
  • Robin Bullock claims to have prophesied Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore asserts that he couldn’t possibly have been wrong when he prophesied that Trump would win reelection. He declares that Biden is “a jackal” and “is not the president recognized by Heaven.”
    • Did he actually “prophesy” the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks? Yes, he did … but only after it had happened.
  • Mark Taylor insists that refusing to accept that Joe Biden is president is a sign of one’s loyalty to God.
    • It is indeed a sign, a gullibility sign. Mark clearly has that in abundance.
  • ‘Prophet’ Jeff Jansen Claims the U.S. Is Under Martial Law as the Military Prepares to Remove Biden and Reinstate Trump
    • Remind me again who the commander-in-chief of the US military actually is
  • Shane Vaughn believes it was all part of God’s plan to remove Donald Trump from the White House in order to allow him to “serve 12 years as the leader of this nation.”
    • Shane can believe whatever he wishes, even if none of it is actually true. Those of us that care about truth will not be listening to him.

Fools of the Week – CPAC Attendees

CPAC has evolved into something utterly bizarre. Anybody who seriously thinks this is still normal Conservatism is quite frankly a fool.

We quite literally had a golden image of Trump setup for the devoted to worship at. Least you think the tweet below is satire or a metaphor. Nope, they really did it – Guardian: Golden Trump statue turning heads at CPAC was made in … Mexico

… and their stage was a literal and very blatant, in-you-face, Nazi symbol …

… and let’s not forget that a convicted crook is now a CPAC star …


There is so much craziness, that you might despair. A better response is to perhaps laugh at it all …


Let’s finish on a positive high.

Rep. Al Green of New York gave a barn-burner of a speech in defence of the Equality act. He was pointing the finger at the GOP bigots who spoke against it. His speech is in reply to those who cited their faith as justification to let discrimination continue …

He won, the House passed the bill.

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