Being a Homophobic bigot leads to real harm …

US conservative pundit Bryan Fischer (pictured) has declared …

“The only way now in America’s legal system that you can protect your child from being raised in a same-sex household is to get that kid into the Underground Railroad and get that child out of dodge.”

He has beliefs … fine, lots of people do. He just happens to believe that being gay is wrong because his bible tells him this … fine, he will be challenged to justify that stance using reason and logic (they never can). But he now takes the next step into the twilight zone of lunacy by suggesting that kids from same-sex households should be kidnapped.

As you might imagine, this proposal has kicked off a real verbal media firestorm.  Jeremy Hooper, Special Projects Consultant for GLAAD, called Fischer’s remarks “chilling” on the media monitoring organization’s blog.

“He is quite literally comparing his desire to take children from homes with same-sex parents to the heroic events that led to the freeing of slaves, this man has declared rhetorical war on LGBT families.  It’s time to hold him accountable!”

Maureen McCarthy, on the Human Rights Campaign’s blog, voiced similar concerns.

“Fischer’s call for kidnapping children from same-sex partners is not only offensive, but a harmful mischaracterization of families that struggle daily to provide loving and safe home environments despite significant legal, financial and dignitary inequality.”

We all have moments of madness and will be prone to saying daft things. When pointed out, we can either learn and come to an understand that what was said was perhaps not such a great idea. So how has he responded when faced with all this criticism, did he learn anything? Nope, he stands by his remarks, and has stated on Focal Point that the kidnapper has an obligation “to obey God rather than man.

This in a nutshell is the problem you face when you believe crazy stuff. Having a magical imaginary friend might be apparently harmless, and usually is, as long as you don’t attempt to interfere in the lives of others. However, the moment you advocate forceful action against others who hold a different view, you have crossed the border out of the land of make-believe and  into the obnoxious-utterly-immoral-evil-bastard bad-lands, a place where real harm is caused to normal decent people all in the name of a mythological god who does not actually exist.

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