Cult of Fools Weekly (June 23, 2024) – “anti-woke water”

This past week someone was promoting “rebellious” anti-woke water …

While you can see how it is a scam, they don’t. If they are stupid enough to believe Trump is the chosen one, then they will be stupid enough for even this very blatant scam.

Alex Clark, who can be seen within the above clip, pitches the product by insisting that every sip of the conservative water is “not just refreshing, it’s rebellious, and it’s unapologetic to drink this in public.

It is in fact impoverishing, a 12-pack of 16.9oz bottles costs $21. Only those in a cult would be willing to pay 4x the going rate for a bottle of water to make a political statement.

Is it perhaps expensive because it takes a lot of technology to extract all the woke from water, but if you read their FAQ , then you will discover that they are “committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility” … so still woke then. In fact, water is the wokest shit around, it doesn’t discriminate, it’s part of everyone no matter their gender identity, ethnicity, or age, and it literally falls from the sky for free.

The actual brand name is “Freedom2o”, and yes, I’m not linking to it. The claim they make is that by drinking this “bold, refreshing hydration” it “empowers YOU to use your voice without fear.“, but they don’t explain exactly how this supposed magic happens.

So what exactly is it that makes water “anti-woke”, does it perhaps come with extra lead, or perhaps they bottled it in Flint, Michigan?

Apparently it also “inspires conversations that bridge divides, foster understanding, and hydrate the nation’s spirit.” … indeed yes, a brand that claims to be designed with “Liberal Tears” (their words, not mine) will indeed “bridge divides”.

What is clearly going on here is that some are starting to wake up to just how incredibly stupid the MAGA demographic truly is, and view them as easy marks.

OK, so let’s move on now. Once again below you will find my usual selection of some of the other truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. 

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very murky pool of raw absurdity and deep stupidity. 

The Cult of Trump

Eric Metaxas claims that “the biggest ‘deep fake’ is that Biden was ever actually running the country”: “He’s never actually been leading the country.”

  • Once upon a time Mr Metaxas was a well respected intellectual … then he met Donald Trump.
  • To label Mr Metaxes as delusional is the gentle charitable interpretation here. The alternative is far far darker.
  • I’m personally having trouble keeping up with the trump cult’s conspiracy theories about Biden. One day he is supposedly a feckless elderly vegetable, the next is that he a mastermind criminal? These claims alternate on an almost daily basis.

Stephen Strang insists that “in his own, simple way [former President Donald Trump] has accepted Christ.

  • Translation: Stephen Strang confirms that he has been very successfully conned by don the con.

Lance Wallnau declares that “if you are a preacher and don’t back [Trump], you are a lousy Shepherd and should be identified as such.

  • Lance’s shepherds are the kind that will gently gather up and guide all the sheep safely … to the slaughter house.

Lies, Dam Lies, and a Trump Rally …

  • I’m quite frankly shocked … that it was only 30 … oh wait, it was 30+, they only picked the first 30
  • It is truly astonishing that so many embrace his very blatant lies as “truth” and continue to fail to recognise that they have been totally conned. It really is a cult.

MAGA cult troll Brenden Dilley vows that he will gladly lie, cheat, and steal if doing so helps Trump get reelected: “There’s nothing I won’t fucking do or say.”

  • That is basically Trump’s own game plan as well.
  • I’m also not convinced he is telling us anything we don’t already know.
  • What does Trump think of guys like this, does he happily support him? … sure he does, because Trump sent him a personal birthday greeting on June 3

Looking towards the Debate next week

Sean Casten correctly points out that the usual Fox News talking heads are being more than a little bit delusional as they mull over the upcoming debate on June 27 next week …

Here is some more guidance for next week’s debate – “Trump should Focus on his Moral Values” …

  • The convicted felon and convicted sexual assaulter is indeed rather famous for his “Moral Values”
  • Perkins knows that Trump has no moral values and so demonstrates his “Christian” willingness to lie.

Christian Nationalism

Right-wing pastor Micah Beckwith, who recently became the Indiana GOP’s nominee for lieutenant governor, says that every Christian “should be a Christian nationalist.”

  • Examine each Christian nationalist policy in turn and you will discover that it is all the exact opposite of what Jesus would actually do. That’s a bit of a clue that tends to go whooshing right over the heads of guys like this.
  • Jesus – “My kingdom is not of this earth. I don’t care about politics or government, in fact do not concern yourself with earthly things.” Christian Nationalists – “Say what now???
  • Least you wonder how far down the rabbit hole this guy is, then wonder no more – he famously tweeted that God told him that he sent the Jan 6 insurrectionists to the Capitol.

Here is a reminder that PragerU is not a university, but instead is all about using deceptive disinformation to promote propaganda …

  • It is a nonprofit-for-profit. Those making donations should seriously consider this observation – In 2022, the CEO was paid close to $1 million. 5 executives were paid over $300K. It paid out about $18 mil. to Facebook, Google and Fox for ads. D. Prager received a half-million in consulting fees. (To confirm all that, check out their 2022 tax form here)

Cognitive decline

Trump does not remember names …

  • Biden has a stutter, so what is Trump’s excuse?
  • Personally, I’m really looking forward to the debate.

So let’s talk about Biden also. Here are two clips. One, via Fox News, has been edited to make it appears as if Biden forgot a name, and the other shows you what was left out …

  • Fox ran their manipulated clip, then gaslighted their audience by having a discussion claiming that they do not, in fact, deceptively alter videos, but that is exactly what they did. More here.

Christian “Love”

Religious-right leader Tony Perkins, whom we saw above suggesting Trump should promote his “moral” values also asserted that the Biden administration “is aligned with the Devil.

NBC News (June 20): Gateway Church elder says accepting resignation of pastor in sex abuse scandal was ‘difficult’ decision

  • Exactly why was it “difficult” to fire a guy who had sexually molested a 12 year old over a five year period? (Was perhaps the concern the revelation that he had known about this and had covered it up?)
  • Gateway claim that they had not known that she was 12 … but that is a confirmed lie.
  • Why did church leaders describe the sex abuse of a 12-year-old with euphemisms such as “moral failure”?
  • Quote: “The person who made the recording of Tuesday’s staff meeting said she shared it with a reporter because she believes the board of elders is “gaslighting” employees?
  • Despite the revelation that he abused a 12 year old, they continue to support Morris and sing his praises – To Quote his victim: “How can a church believe that a man can be anointed by God after sexually abusing a child and then lying about it for decades?” she said. “This is repulsive.

Jim Garlow says that posting the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms will “begin to tame the evil in the human heart, and slowly begin to produce an atmosphere where human thriving and peace take root. To the extent that a community, state or nation follows God’s biblical governance, human pain, suffering and poverty will be reduced.”

  • Mr Garlow appears to think that the words are in same way magic.
  • They don’t appear to have worked for him, he is a rather vocal and active supporter of the convicted felon who appears to view the ten commandments as his very own personal to-do list.

Ben Zeisloft declares that “it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.

  • This is Ben’s latest attempt as a blue-tick guy to shit-post and stir up a storm so that he can get a generous check from Elon for lots of twitter views.

Astonishing Stupidity

Apparently turkeys really do vote for thanksgiving …

Homophobia on Steroids

Daily Dot (June 17): A far-right streamer tried to sic the cops on a queer dad influencer—it backfired

  • Briefly: It started with Stew Peters claiming a gay influencer sexually abused his own children and suggested that the New York Police Department investigate him for sex crimes. When his target got his lawyer on the case, Peters was forced to take his posts down and may yet face even more consequences.
  • Quote from the dad: “It’s amazing that the kids are still completely unaware of this situation, and I’m grateful for that,” Rolón wrote in a GoFundMe post today to his donors. “You got me through the worst of it, and I cannot thank you enough.”. You can find that GoFundMe with more details and updates here.

Conspiracy Claims

Perry Stone claims that “on the year of every major election, there are attacks that begin occurring in which the secular news begins to hit ministers and large churches.” Stone says he has plan for exposing “what is being plotted by the leftists,” but will only share it at an event “where just MY people will be in attendance.


RWW advises that they are not sure anybody understands the logic behind Isabella Moody’s attempt to become a far-right commentator when her entire message is literally “women aren’t smart” and “that’s why we should never listen to women.

  • Oh honey, that seems like a “you problem”, not a “woman problem”.
  • It’s a really neat brain teaser – I won’t listen to her because she told me I shouldn’t listen to women, oh but then I did listen to her since I’m not listening to her, so maybe I should listen to her but then I’d be listening to her and she told me I should never listen to her and so now I am listening to….

Mike Davis calls on the Supreme Court to disbar Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse because of his criticism of the court and its justices: “His unethical conduct is an embarrassment to the legal profession, he is a grave danger to the rights of criminal defendants, and he is unfit to practice before our nation’s highest court.”

  • Indeed yes … let’s not criticise these utterly corrupt and unelected SCOTUS justices. Let’s also completely ignore the public duty that Congress has to impose ethics rules on the supreme court and pretend they can’t do that. (Side note: The Senate judiciary committee has approved such legislation, but without GOP support it can’t happen)
  • For a bit of context, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) published an op-ed in Law 360 detailing how recent ethics revelations at the Supreme Court dovetail with the Court’s line of cases undermining prosecution of public corruption cases. What most probably triggered Mr Davis was this from June 18. – Quote: “Documents obtained by the Senate Judiciary Committee and released last week revealed new travel and other gifts that Justice Thomas has failed to disclose to date, and called into question the accuracy of the details Justice Thomas had already publicly disclosed.  An appendix to Whitehouse and Johnson’s letter lists the publicly reported but not yet disclosed gifts and income provided to Justice Thomas by billionaire benefactors.”

North Dakota state Rep. Nico Rios fumes that “legal immigrants are worse than illegal immigrants” because “they’ll be harder to kick out when the mass deportations start.”

  • It’s tempting to suggest that somebody needs to sit Mr Rios down and explain what the word “legal” actually means, but even then I suspect the concept will fail to gain any traction amongst the few remaining grey cells within his head that currently are masquerading as a brain.
  • I’m wondering what happens to him when he tries to deport Melania.

Texas Weirdness …

  • So yea, the bit they don’t teach you in history is that they gave that bit away so that they could carry on being racist as F

As a side note, if you have ever looked at a map and wondered about this bit …

… apparently the story there is that this is not New Mexico intruding into Oklahoma. The New Mexico-Oklahoma border is correct. It’s actually Texas intruding into New Mexico.

Via the NM History Museum we discover …

While the Texas-New Mexico border officially was established by the Compromise of 1850, its precise boundaries were subject to interpretation, the whims of Mother Nature, and – whoops! – simple human error. It turns out that when surveyor John H. Clark in 1859 established the nation’s 103rd meridian as the border between Texas and New Mexico, he accidentally set the boundary about three miles too far west. 

The narrow strip of debated land runs along New Mexico’s now-eastern border for 320 miles and encompasses the now-Texas towns of Farwell, Texline, Bledsoe and Bronco.

“That’s our land!” declared officials of the territory of New Mexico, after the error was uncovered during their bid for statehood in 1910. “Don’t even think about it,” replied the state of Texas, which hadn’t been keen about relinquishing slavery or the territory of New Mexico in the first place. “Drop it – or else forget about becoming a state,” Congress told the New Mexicans in 1911.

For most, despite the efforts of some in 2005 with a NM bill to sue Texas, it really is no big deal these days, but if TX ever decided to actually leave the union … well yes, you can see it becoming a very big deal.

John Oliver: What Trump’s Second Term will be like

John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s plans for a second term, why it could be much worse than his first term, and what Trump has in common with a hamster.

(Its a 30 mins segment … but also a very important one)

Oklahoma manages to turn utter incompetence into a performative art

Two years of no access to their own website …

  • If none of the usual workarounds worked, and after two years, if there was absolutely no way back in, they could at least create a new website, and then trash the old one … but apparently no, they could not even do that.

Why are they like this?

Pete explains why Republicans now behave the way that they do …


The best and the brightest walk amongst us.

Guy who wants to have sex with Joe Biden …

Guy who believes in law and order, but also wants a Convicted Felon as President …

Guy who declares CNN is fake news, but can’t name even one example of anything they have promoted that is Fake because he only watches Faux News …

Their criteria for VP is literally anybody, and they don’t even have to be alive and breathing …

  • It boggles my mind that they think JFK Jr would somehow would support Trump, however being dead for a while tends to normally be a bit of a deal-breaker, but apparently not for them.

Here is this week’s 11 min posting from the guys interviewing people at the Racine Trump Rally, it is where the above tweets came from …

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