Catholic Church cover up still carries on

One argument often put forward in defense of the Catholic church cult is that a lot of what happened is all in the past. However, I recently came across solid proof that this is a complete lie.

Because I’m Irish, and went through the Irish educational system myself, I have an interest in all this.

Last year the Ryan commission released its report.  This commission was a body appointed by the Irish Government to inquire into Child Abuse within Ireland. They had been established to investigate all forms of child abuse within Irish institutions but found that the majority of the allegations that they investigated centered upon the industrial schools run by various orders of the Catholic church. The report established beyond doubt that the entire system treated these vulnerable children in their care like prisoners and slaves. Officials encouraged ritual beatings and hid the reality of it all within a “culture of self-serving secrecy”. The testimony within the report describes naked beatings, rapes, and children being forced to perform oral sex. Note that we are not talking about one or two individuals, the report uses words such as “systemic”, “endemic”, “pervasive” and “excessive” to describe all this. It is hard to outline the extent of what truly happened.

OK, so far none of this is news, we all now know about it. However, while doing some research on the topic I’ve become aware of two additional facts buried in the details of it all.

  • The scale of what happened and the outcome of the report
  • The fact that a cover up took place last year; the Christian Brothers managed to successfully put a legal gag order on the commission and that still stands.

Scale of The Abuse and the outcome

The scale of the abuse is beyond belief, it runs to over 800 known abusers in over 200 catholic institutions. However, what is truly shocking is that nobody has been prosecuted or even named. Why? … because of the cover-up that took place.

The Cover Up

The intent of the 2009 Ryan report was to name and shame the abusers, but (I’m quite frankly appalled) the Christian brothers prevented even that with a legal challenge. It was the typical Catholic response; protect the abusers and dam the abused children. If it had been any other secular organisation, the abusers would have been locked up long ago, but because they are “Catholic” they are allowed to hid under the skirts of this cult of gobshites.

This is not a historical “never could happen today” fact. This was last year., and the gag order still stands. In essence, its protection for the abusers and fuck the victims.

The commissions web site may be found here

The complete text of the report can be found here:

Abuse was not a failure of the system. It was the system.” – The Irish Times 21-5-2009

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