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Cartoonist Rob Rogers published this cartoon this week to point out that .. “Trump’s ability to lie constantly is mind-numbing. The Washington Post has been keeping track of how many lies he’s told since becoming president. Imagine how many lies Trump has told over his lifetime!

As I scan the news from the religious right, what strikes me is that is it not simply weird or different, nor is is about holding a different position, there is something far more fundamental. What manifests is a complete lack of empathy, basic human decency, or tolerance.

We might indeed, with good reason, criticise extremism within other cultures and beliefs because it fuels autocratic regimes that trample all over basic human rights. If however we don’t robustly criticise the arrival of the same within our own midst, then we also shall inevitably suffer that same fate.

There is however hope. What I am convinced of is that the majority, regardless of belief or politics, are decent honourable people who really do not subscribe to the weird that is highlighted below.

What happened during the last 7 days?

Having the wrong belief is apparently a “crime” …

Being Pete Buttigieg is apparently a “crime” …

  • Randall Terry: ‘Pete Buttigieg Is the Judgment of God’
  • Randall Terry vows to continue to follow Pete Buttigieg’s campaign around the country and disrupt his events by staging anti-gay protests: … “We will continue our efforts to recruit and train men and women across America to proclaim the truth in the face of this godless campaign, and call upon true Christians to publicly oppose and renounce Pete’s campaign. ‘The boy Pete’ – and his deceived supporters – can expect this for the duration of his campaign.

Being batshit crazy is also still popular …

Violent Rebellion is supposedly the way forward …

BarbWire Publishes Call For Armed Rebellion Against ‘Tyrannical Left’ If ‘Biblical Reformation’ Fails

Some are still excessively obsessed with Hillary …

There is also a proposed solution to Climate Change …

Bryan Fischer: The Solution to Climate Change is to ‘Repent of Our Sin’

Lying for Jesus is as popular as ever …

Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration Pushes Debunked Voter Fraud Claim

Another shooting is followed by yet another weird conspiracy claim …

Chris McDonald: Colorado School Shooting ‘Was a Masonic Ritual’

Did any other weird stuff happen?

Yep, as usual rather a lot of crazy stuff …

  • Enjoy This Film About a Pastor Who Turns Into a Velociraptor to Battle Ninjas
  • Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser” Cast Out a “Demonic Network” at the White House
  • Private Jet-Loving Megachurch Pastors Exposed by “Inside Edition”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson: Activists Helping Asylum Seekers Should Just “Let Them Die”
  • GA Official Defends Racist Mayor: Christians “Don’t Do Interracial Marriage”
  • Michael Cohen Allegedly Helped Destroy Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s Racy “Personal” Pics
  • ND Man Pleads Guilty to Masturbating in Church’s Baptismal Pool During Mass
  • Jim Bakker: Buy $3,000 Worth of My Food Buckets and “Put ‘Em Under Your Bed”
  • Texas GOP Lawmaker Tells Pro-Vaccine Medical Expert to Stop Advocating “Sorcery”
  • “Banana Man” Ray Comfort Now Wants to Convince You God Designed Coconuts
  • Christian “Prophetess” Opal Covey is About to Become a Professional Wrestler
  • Nazis Carrying Jesus Portrait Disrupt Arkansas Holocaust Remembrance Event

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