Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 18Aug19

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this week to point out that … “Every country in the world has video games and mental illness … but none of them kill their own with assault weapons like we do. Trump’s Twitter account is more dangerous than any video game

Concern has been expressed by some fundamentalists that the tag “racist” is being applied to them unfairly.

Let’s briefly review some rather familiar recent history …

  • Obama: 1 wife, 26 yrs, 2 kids by his wife, church goer, activist, politician, no extramarrital scandals – he is declared to be the ANTICHRIST
  • Trump: 3 wives, 5 kids by 3 women, abortions by mistresses, non church goer, casino owner, multiple extramarital scandals – he is declared to be GOD’S ANOINTED

If you are OK with this and don’t see the gross hypocrisy there, if you also gave Trump a free pass as all of the following happened and still happily support him …

Slurring Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists? Calling for a ban on all Muslims coming into the country? Suggesting that a U.S.-born judge overseeing a Trump University lawsuit should recuse himself because of his Mexican heritage (“He’s a Mexican,” Trump said)? Saying people in the United States from Nigeria will never “go back to their huts”? Referring to Haiti and African countries as “s—hole countries” while wishing the United States would take more people from places like Norway? Tweeting that four black and brown members of Congress — three of them born in the United States — should “go back” to their countries of origin? Launching a slimy birther crusade against President Barack Obama? Constantly resorting to racially charged language?

… then you are indeed a racist. Own it, live with the consequences of your choices, and don’t get all pissed and upset when people correctly tag you.

What happened during the last 7 days?

The Cult of Trump continues to worship him no matter what he does …

Bizarre Epstein conspiracy claims …

Claims of Dark Sinister Supernatural Forces …

The Gay Conspiracy …

  • Eugene Delgaudio declares that a “queer caliphate” rules America.
  • Brenden Dilley declares that Barack Obama .. “was a terrorist and he was married to a dude.”

The Wrath of God …

Ignore Facts, teach the myths as fact …

Gun Shooting theories …

  • Larry Nevenhoven warns that “if nations rebel against God’s ways, terrible consequences will fall upon these nations …If ever a sword has been turned loose against America, these mass shootings are exactly that.
    • (Friendly Tip Larry: There are nations that are far less religious than the US and they do not have mass shootings).

Did anything else happen?

Indeed yes …

  • Preacher: Sarah Silverman Will Soon “Bow at the Feet of the Men in This Church”
  • Oregon Man Refuses to Pay Taxes Because He’s a Christian Who Opposes Abortion
  • Selfish Evangelicals Are “Delighted” by Trump’s Cruelty Heading into 2020
  • David Barton: I’ll Only Debate Atheists If I Get to Speak 97% of the Time
  • Church Leader, Already in Jail for Child Porn, Now Charged With Child Sex Abuse
  • AL GOP Senate Candidate Blames Gun Violence on Our Country’s “Spiritual Deficit”
  • CA Mayor: Criticism of My Christian-Only Meeting “Smacks of Religious Bigotry”
  • Oklahoma Youth Pastor Charged With Raping Underage Girls
  • GOP Rep. Steve King: If Not for Rape and Incest, Would Humanity Even Exist?
  • Pastor Running for Colorado State House Says It’s Wrong for Women to Wear Pants
  • An Untrained Christian Missionary “Played Doctor” in Uganda… and 105 Kids Died
  • TN GOP Lawmaker Says He Filed Abortion Ban Bill Because He’s “Against Satan”
  • 4 Women Say “That ’70s Show” Star Raped Them, and Scientology Covered It Up
  • Franklin Graham: Joshua Harris and Marty Sampson Ditched God for “Publicity”

“In God We Trust”: Sometimes smart people find clever ways around utter insanity.

Several states have implemented laws forcing public schools to put up “In God We Trust” signs. One smart solution was to simply put up a poster of the back of a dollar bill. (The phrase is on the currency).

To push back some states get a lot more specific. For example the 2017 Arkansas law requiring the display of the national motto posters, the following elements are required to be shown:

  1. The national motto of the United States, “In God We Trust”;
  2. An accurate representation of the United States flag, which shall be centered under the national motto; and,
  3. An accurate representation of the state flag.

American Atheists have made the following legally compliant and wholly educational poster available for free and it wholly conforms to all of the above (teachers, you can contact them here for a copy).

I confess that I do love this legal loophole – it is indeed a poster with the words “In God we Trust” on it along with the US flag centred under it and the appropriate state flag. Putting it up means that they are complying with the regulations being imposed by the US Taliban …

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