Road to Alaska – 6,000 miles later

OK, I’m back and so normal service will now be resumed.

Did I really drive 6,000 miles? Nope, it was 6,471 miles to be precise. I really wish I’d had a camera handy to capture the look on the face of the guy at the hire car company when he totted up the miles and realised how far the car had been driven – then again perhaps the layers of mud and dust might have been an initial clue.

Covered in mud … really?




And as for the wildlife … we managed to spot some … (without running it over)



.. basically 3 black bear encounters and two grizzly encounters.

… and the scenery was also impressive …







Bottom line … would I be insane enough to do it all again? In one word … yes. There is obviously lots to write, but for now I’ll stop here.

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