Does God really talk to Mark Taylor, is he a prophet?

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Last October about 1,200 cinemas in the US screened the movie “The Trump Prophecy“. This is a religious propaganda movie in which a supposed prophecy by retired firefighter, Mark Taylor, is promoted. The claim is that he was told by God back in 2011 that Donald Trump would be elected president of the United States because Trump had been divinely chosen for that purpose.

It’s a crap movie, and I don’t express that as my own personal opinion, that’s the official IMDB rating. On IMDB it scores 1.6 out of 10. To get such a low score is amazingly impressive, not many can manage that. Here are some reviews …

… Most of the film is painfully dull, with tediously endless long dialogue sequences only intercut by the occasional unintentionally funny moment. Many characters (actually, practically every single character) announced that they don’t much like Donald Trump. However, the film implies that God opened up all eyes of true Christians to help them see Trump was the worthy candidate, and that God himself stopped those crazy anti-American liberals and the she-demon Hillary Clinton.

… This movie was extremely tedious and boring. I am a Christian, but this movie was total propaganda.

… This review has nothing to do about my political views. In fact, I voted for Trump. With that said, this was THE worst movie I have ever seen. Poorly produced and up until the half way point, the script could have been written on a Post-It note. Lot’s of dead space and very little substantive dialog.

… etc…

So when did Mark Taylor actually start promoting the idea that Trump would win?

Taylor did not publicly promote this idea until well into the 2016 campaign and Trump was already ascending. There is no credible objective evidence to backup his claim that he received this prophecy back in 2011. Until some is available you should also not believe the claim.

Has Mark Taylor promoted any other claims?

Yes lots, and most are utterly bizarre. Let’s take a brief look at some …

In other words, Mark Taylor is a gold plated grade 1 paranoid religious conspiracy nut who has a track record of being consistently and persistently wrong about anything and everything he says. He has never managed to successfully predict anything … ever.

How does “Prophecy” work?

There are multiple strategies that grifters such as Mr Taylor deploy to fool people, for example …

Strategy 1 – Predict something very vague, then claim a hit later. For example, “next year the stock market will go up and down” (as it aways does), or “there will be a political scandal in the next 12 months” (as there always is). Just predict something vague then when something specific happens, alter the original a bit and claim a victory.

Strategy 2 – Toss out lots and lots of predictions. With enough material you will quite randomly get a few hits and nobody will remember the vast bulk of the fails.

Strategy 3 – Make the “prediction” after the fact or when it is quite probable and simply claim it was made prior to the event. For example at the end of 2017 predict a Royal baby will be born in 2018. An easy one because the Royal pregnancy was already known about by the end of 2017.

Bottom Line:

There is no evidence that Mark Taylor has ever successfully predicted anything. Instead there is rather a lot of evidence that he is a paranoid right-wing religious grifter running a con.

5 thoughts on “Does God really talk to Mark Taylor, is he a prophet?”

  1. Thanks for posting this article. It would have helped your cause if you had done more research because the truth is we do not know anything true about Mark. But, it probably is too deeply buried to find anyway.
    When he began using illegimate sources (serialbrain2, another bad source, though not out of Russia this time) I became suspicious this past week so I prayed to God our Father in Heaven for clarification. God unveiled that Mark works for Russia and is an asset. Explains much. God unveiled sometime ago that Russia is involved with Qanon (to me).
    You would be surprised how many on-line personalities are total fiction. Countless, I have learned. Think Darpa etc.
    Perhaps he helped, but not now. So God revealed his true nature. Time to move on.
    Trump won because he is the last Trump mentioned in the Bible. No more need be said.

  2. This is an article wrought with untruths.

    First off:
    I do not in any way like, follow or respect Mark Taylor’s phony garbage.
    I am a blood-bought Christian who believes that Christ is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the father but through this him.

    Barry Sortoro (Obama) is a homosexual and much has been proven, exposed on this. Only slight effort reveals this.

    Nefarious forces are most definately involved in ginning the weather as we saw this past September 2019. Was there a previous plan to surpress voter turnout? Who knows…but the elites on both sides are very involved in weather creation and manipulation.

    Just tuning into real news shows the pedophiles who are being rounded up by the hundreds (maybe thousands at this point) and criminally prosecuted. From CEO’s to politicians, celebrities, ministers and teachers. This is actively happening and has been for 2 solid years.

    I could go on, but this article is full of bad info. Just like Mark Taylor.

    • Can you cite just one credible source that verifies any of these claims …
      – Obama is gay
      – weather control to suppress voter turnout

      Regarding the prosecution of pedophiles, that has always been going on. Whenever caught, they go to jail. There is nothing political, nor time constrained about this.

  3. The movie wasn’t boring to me. Also If Mark Taylor hears from God in 2011 and everyone dislikes Trump why would he tell everyone about it? He was probably wondering What do i do with this? I was for Trump and i prayed and kept quiet as so many were not for him. Mark told people when the time was right. And most didn’t believe him anyway. The country cried when HRC lost. I was praising God for his mercy on our country. I have not investigated Mark like you have but I don’t think he is a fraud.

  4. Thanks for this article. I just watched a review of Mark Taylor’s alleged prophecy, and was wondering if there was really something to it; it was, after all, presented by a group of self-described Christians who you’d think would value honesty and integrity. Not the case, it seems.

    More disturbing than Taylor and his errant writings is the fact that millions of people are inspired by his extreme views. I can only wonder how this is going to shape our future.


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