The Lost Island – The hardest place in the world to visit

1358823679-d8f0078b40-o_screenJust a bit of fun today, nothing too serious.

North Sentinel Island, is a remote tiny little place out in the Bay of Bengal, covered in forest, and peopled by a tribe who are extremely hostile. Anybody who dares to step on their island is immediately slaughtered, and so the amount of contact they actually have with the world beyond their shores is exactly zero.

Is it really remote and hostile?

Yep, after the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake an Indian government helicopter was dispatched to make sure they were OK, and upon arrival were greeted by locals who shot stones and arrows an the hovering craft. The other other known contact happened in 2006 when two fishermen were killed by the locals after their boat drifted near the island, and since then nothing – they are in effect one of the most isolated groups of humans on the planet.

Meanwhile over on Google+

Now the fun bit, there are reviews over on Google+ put up by folks who can highly recommend this isolated spot as an ideal holiday destination, and so here are a few of my favourites …

Jay Deut

The captain wouldn’t get me close enough to the island so i had to ride a life boat in with 1 MRE ration and 1 bottle of water. I can’t begin to explain how amazing the view was on the beach as the natives welcomed me in. I hear stories of spears being thrown but i only experienced one. His throw landed 3 feet in front of me. Naturally, i walked a couple steps and picked it up. As soon as i touched the spear everyone ran back into the forest. I don’t understand what happened or why. All i know is it felt like i had free reign of the entire island. I stayed a total of two weeks with spear in hand while living off the land and never saw another native. 10/10 would recommend. Be nice to the natives!

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II

Aesthetically pleasing island. Natives were not helpful when I asked for directions though. No Chipotle or wifi but the weather makes it worth it. 10/10 would accidentally wreck ship onto island again. Ps; the skeletons make nice souvenirs for Halloween but are pretty much useless for the rest of the year.

yashovinay pipada

One of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever visited. Once you go past the initial spear throwing ceremonies of the natives, which is just their way of saying welcome, you will see how colourful and jovial they are. Its best to avoid the peak season when tourists are speared and eaten in large numbers. In my short time there I taught the natives to twerk and show swag which resulted in me being crowned as their god. 10/10 would go there again.

Ryan Banks

Best holiday for those adrenaline junkies who also want to get a tan. Relax on the beautiful sunny beaches tied to a rotisserie, take a dip in the crystal clear water while you bleed to death, and get some exercise as you run for your life while natives throw spears, shoot arrows, and generally try to impale you with something. Fun for the whole family with a death wish!

Jeff Sharp

Very beautiful land, was attacked by a group of naked gangsters and they didn’t even show me the way to the city when I asked for directions. But overall, the experience was pleasant and I will visit again. Be sure to wear body armor if you visit.

Naveed Rahman

Positives: No hipsters, no pop music, nice weather, & nice island. Negatives: No WiFi, couldn’t find a Starbucks/McDonalds anywhere, dodging spears thrown by the natives, etc.

James Tullar

The natives made me their God… So I got that going for me. Plan to bring my in laws next visit

Matt Gray

Apart from being killed by natives, it was a beautiful place to visit.

Daniel Carey

My wife was killed and eaten. I had to knock off a star because the plates were dirty though.

And the reality …

Not much is known about these people; their language is alien and their habits unknown. Their settlements are hidden in the thick jungle, so we have no clue about how they live.

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