and the most epic prank award goes to … Casino Roy

This one is quite frankly the most hilarious thing I have seen in ages and had me laughing out loud. The story is that Reddit user Casino Roy put together one of the very best pranks I’ve ever seen as follows:

  • Step 1: Search Facebook for people with the same name as him
  • Step 2: Recreate the profile pictures
  • Step 3: Friend them and then watch the ensuing results as they totally freak out

He posted it on reddit for all to enjoy, so here are some of the original profiles with his recreation beside them ..














He got 98,000 upvotes and also 89,000 downvotes … clearly a lot of people out there have no sense of humour.

So how did they respond? He explains …

Mostly ” Who the fuck are you” or ” what the hell man”. None of them really got it, they just got really creeped out and changed their profile pic immediately. People keep asking me my name now…you can find it here (shamless band promotion).

This was done years ago and I forgot about it until finding it on my comp today. Never posted anything to Reddit and thought I’d give these a go. One guy did accept my friend request ( ass grabbing pic), but only to find out what was going on. He seemed genuinely creeped out and de-friended me shortly after. Glad you all enjoyed it!

Oh and if you are wondering, he took the pics about three years ago (hence the old FB layout), he posted it all recently to reddit hence it is on the radar.

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