AdSense = Nonsense – No more ads here …

OK folks, I’ve thrown in the towel … no more ads … from now on this will be an advertisement free zone … Yea :-)

My initial thought was to use ad-sense to help fund this site, but the stuff it throws up warrants pulling the plug. A lot of you will have been seeing stuff that I don’t normally see (the joy of AdBlock Plus plugin for Firefox has been insulating me). So I just switched it off to check things out and had an entire series of what can be best described as WTF moments.

As an example, while I might babble on about say … Catholics … the right-hand pane was giving you a link to go off on a Catholic retreat. (As an aside … they advertise those via AdSense???). Now, obviously AdSense picks up on the word “Catholic” and totally ignores other words such as “bullshit” … then again perhaps not … perhaps it combines both and decides you might be interested in going on a Catholic retreat in the countryside.

For your amusement … here is a smapling of some ads I saw coming up … they all yielded an appropriate WTF response

  • Find Muslim woman seeking marriage
  • Scientology
  • Love spells
  • Real wishes granted
  • Catholics Mates
  • Top Homeopathic remedies

All topics of keen interest to my readers … yea right. So that’s it then … I’m killing the AdSense widgets right now and writing it off as a really bad idea.

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