Weird Religious News – Reality is a far and distant land for some.

I’ll skip my usual preamble for this week’s selection of weird religious news. The degree of the disconnect between reality and the stuff below is so great it leaves me almost speechless. What popped up in the last seven days? Apparently school shootings are caused by abortions. I’m not exactly convinced that this guy has … Read more

Weird Religious News – Religion makes absurd ideas socially acceptable

Throwing a spotlight upon absurd items of weird religious news on a weekly basis is not about criticising people for being religious, but rather is about criticising absurd ideas that use religion as a cover to get a free social pass. If people are overt outright bigots, then generally that stance will be socially ridiculed, … Read more

Weird Religious News

Once again my weekly posting of weird religious news from the past seven days is here. Will there ever be a week when all of the religiously motivated behave with decency, honesty, integrity and tolerance? Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting that all religious people don’t, because in reality most do. In fact I … Read more

Weird Religious News – Stupidity Incarnate

A common theme within my weekly posting of weird religious news is “stupidity”. Most humans, regardless of their lack of belief or specific cultural belief, simply don’t take religion to it’s natural conclusion. Unfortunately some do and so they start promoting utterly batshit ideas that are not only absurd, but are rather blatantly not true. … Read more

Weird Religious News – Porn Again

Let’s start this week’s posting of weird religious news with a bit of good news. The ongoing decline of the popularity of belief continues. A gallop poll conducted a couple of weeks ago asked the question “Who do you have confidence in?” The top three winners that scored the top “A great deal” slot are … Read more

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