Are Atheists smarter than Religious people?

There is a prevailing thought that Atheists tend to be smarter than religious people. Is this just a belief based upon anecdotal observations or is it actually true? To put that question another way, I used to be religious, today I’m not. Does that imply that I have have become a lot smarter? There does … Read more

Claim: Atheism leaves only an empty feeling

Generally when faced with various religious claims my best play is to perhaps simply roll my eyes and move on. Occasionally however I might be sufficiently provoked to wade in. Today’s offering concerns an opinion piece within The Catholic Register titled “Atheism leaves only an empty feeling“. The quick summary of the article is this … Read more

Skyrocketing Atheism Seen Among America’s Teens

The source for Today’s news comes, not from an impartial poll, but rather is sourced from a poll by Barna, an evangelical Christian polling firm based in Ventura, California. To be honest, given their specific bias, I’d be inclined to take any polling results they might advance on any topic, no matter how much I … Read more

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