Lies, Dammed Lies, and Republican Politics – #crookedhillary claim debunked

So I’ve been seeing postings such as the following popping up, and if this was in any way factual then there would indeed be questions to be answered. One ever so small tiny flaw is that it is not in any way factual. OK, that is not actually such a small problem, but is actually quite large, … Read more

#FreeHugsProject attends Trump and Sanders rallies – result tells you everything

Here is a small fun and very practical demonstration of how things really are. Members of the #FreeHugsProject (yes, that is a real thing and has been so for 10 years), attended a Trump Rally, and of course they were welcomed with open arms? … er no, not exactly, but instead The Trump supporters behaved as you might anticipate … Read more

Evangelical support for Trump

Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, has written a piece within the Washington Post in which he renounces the term “evangelical”, not because he has stopped believing, but rather because the term now describes individuals who appears to support and champion people that are very publicly and vocally opposed to the values … Read more