Lord Lawson vs Al Gore – BBC Interview #climate

Nigel Lawson (now Lord Lawson) is well-known for having been part of Margret Thatcher’s Conservative government in the 1980s where he held the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer for six years. If discussing politics or perhaps economics, then he does indeed have a considerable depth of experience to leverage and will be listened to by many. … Read more

Premier Christianity Interviews Derren Brown

This is from last September and I’ve just found it. As a bit of background … Premier Christianity is a well-established monthly Christian magazine published in the United Kingdom Derren Brown (whom I suspect almost all of you do know about) is an English mentalist and illusionist who is also openly gay. He started out in his teens as a committed Evangelical Christian, but by … Read more

Carl Sagan’s thoughts on Socialism

While being interviewed back in 1989 Carl Sagan was asked “Are you a Socialist?” You can almost hear Ted Turner treating the word “socialist” as an almost derogatory term, and so this was perhaps tossed at him as if he was being asked if he was a child molester. The answer Carl gives reflects his character and … Read more

A Christian Interviews Two Atheists

I’ve come across a rather good posting by Rebecca Florence Miller, a Christian (Wow … did I just use the words “good” and “Christian” in the same sentence?) … no really, it is a good posting. So the story here is that she reached out on “Ask an Atheist day” (yesterday) and proceeded to interview two … Read more

Mark Tilbrook interviewed about Sally Morgan and Psychics on UK TV

The ITV show “Good Morning” put Mark Tilbrook on the couch beside supposed Psychic Colin Fry and interviewed them both. Alas I missed the live interview, but it can be watched on-line. Why was he interviewed? Mark is the skeptic who was handing out critical thinking leaflets outside Sally Morgan’s show and was threatened (on hidden camera) by … Read more

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