Intelligent Stupidity is back

Once again there has been a new attempt to resurrect Frankenstein’s monster. The cables have been attached and zillions of bolts have been routed into the beast. As the raw energy pulsates, flashes, and buzzes those instigating this truly hideous and totally unnatural monstrosity are screaming “It’s alive, I tell you, alive” as they wait … Read more

Freedom Of Speech vs Religious Discrimination

The concept of Freedom of Speech is well understood. Religious Discrimination is also something we should aspire to avoid, for example rejecting and being hostile towards people because they are Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, etc… What happens when these conflict, how do you square that circle? The specific example I have in mind concerns a recent … Read more

Christian School Expels Girl For refusing to have picture taken in bathtub

If you are a student in school who refuses to complete homework, you might indeed anticipate that this would become an issue. Initially you might face questions from your teacher. If that does not resolve it then a visit to the principles office, perhaps with parents, to discuss the matter might be next. What happens … Read more

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