Richard Dawkins – Guardian Review Ad Hominem

A couple of days ago in the UK Channel 4 broadcast “Faith Schools Menace?” in which Richard Dawkins was the presenter … Oh heck,  …(slaps hand on head for missing it). Don’t panic, all is not lost. If you missed it like I did, then you can watch it on You Tube here … (Phew!). … Read more

Religious State vs Secular State – strange observations

In the UK, we have the unelected Queen as head of the Church of England, and also at the same time head of state. Then we have the house of Lords populated with unelected bishops. So while we might cringe at the thought of how backward and medieval it is to have clerics running things … Read more

Is Atheism a Belief?

Back in the days when I was a believer in all sort of stuff I well remember one argument I personally used was that Atheism was just another form of belief. I was not alone in thinking like this, its a very common argument (amongst believers) and I recently came across it once again during … Read more