Gay guy calls Westboro for advice

There are some positions that are so absurd, so beyond reason and basic human empathy, that the only recourse we have left is humour. Yes indeed, I’m thinking of that bastion of bizarre belief, Westboro Baptist Church. I suspect there is nobody left who has no idea who they are or how absurd their position is, but then that … Read more

Westboro Baptist Church vs Steve Jobs

This is a bit out of date, I just happened to stumble across it here in the Washington Post and thought that it was simply hilarious. Westboro Baptist did their usual attention seeking thing, I have visions of them all gathered around and muttering, “Oh look, somebody famous has died, lets go protest“. These are … Read more

Westboro Baptist plan to fly to Norway and protest at the funerals

Just when you think they could not get any whacker, up they pop to prove you wrong.

Westboro have posted a press release to their website (click here for a PDF of the actual press release) announcing plans to picket the funerals of those who lost their lives when Anders Breivik set off a bomb in Oslo that killed eight and then traveled to the island of Utoya to execute 69 at a youth camp. Its the usual yada-yada insanity that we all expect from them these days, I need not repeat what we are all so familiar with already (if you are indeed not familiar then lets just say that they are so extreme, they make all other kooks look quite acceptable)

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