Sally Morgan, the supposed psychic who never saw what was about to happen

As you might or perhaps might not be aware, the UK’s most famous supposed psychic, Sally Morgan, has been having rather a lot of dire publicity recently, so that is perhaps something to celebrate. It all started last April when skeptic Mark Tilbrook was outside one of her shows handing out leaflets that gave those attending a … Read more

Psychic Sally Challenge – As expected, she ducked out and did not show up

I blogged a couple of days ago about the challenge presented to supposedly Psychic Sally Morgan, and suggested that she would be a no-show. Hey guess what … (now deploy your very best guess) … yep, she ducked out, apparently too busy. Ian Sample has an update for us in the Guardian today, … Morgan’s … Read more

Sally Morgan challenged to prove her psychic powers on Halloween

The UK’s currently famous (or infamous) psychic has been given a challenge … basically “Prove it”. She has recently been in the news, because during a show in Dublin fans say they heard a man’s voice giving what sounded like prompts to her. She replied with a statement, “All my life I have run the … Read more

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