Weekly Weird: Chris Rock is God’s true Prophet and Will Smith is a false prophet of God

If you wanted to construct a parody or satire of today’s “Christian Prophets”, then you need look no further than supposed prophet Robin Bullock. His religious cosplay is often so deeply absurd and silly that any attempt to work out what is satire and what is him being sincere is almost impossible to differentiate. Here … Read more

Does God really talk to Mark Taylor, is he a prophet?

Last October about 1,200 cinemas in the US screened the movie “The Trump Prophecy“. This is a religious propaganda movie in which a supposed prophecy by retired firefighter, Mark Taylor, is promoted. The claim is that he was told by God back in 2011 that Donald Trump would be elected president of the United States because Trump … Read more

TV Preacher TB Joshua covers up his failed “Clinton win” prophecy

TB Joshua, the Nigeria TV Evangelist, is rather influential and popular. He has over 2.5 million Facebook followers and 500,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel where he has managed to rack up 300 million views, so clearly a few are paying attention to his con act message. He recently claimed that God had told him that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 … Read more

Claimed Evidence: Prophecy in the Bible

During a dialog with a commenter the topic of prophecy in the Bible came up, and so the following observation was made … Actually the largest argument against fulfilled Biblical prophecies is that there is no way to verify that they were actually predicted before the event happened and not after. In fact, there are so … Read more

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