Study: Climate change is Stratifying our oceans


A new study has been published that looks into how climate change is stratifying our oceans. Titled “Increasing ocean stratification over the past half-century” and published within Nature Climate Science on Sept 28, 2020 some of the co-authors are well-known names such as Michael E Mann of Penn State and John Abraham of the University … Read more

Ocean Heatwaves are sweeping through the seas

Marine heatwaves that greatly impact ecosystems are quite real. It is perhaps a surprise to some that prolonged extreme warming events occur in the ocean as well as the atmosphere and yet in a warming world this should not be a surprise. I’ve written about these before. The latest news is that there is a … Read more

Heat is Building up in the Oceans

The increase of greenhouse gases since the industrial revolution has in turn led to an increase in heat within both the atmosphere and also the oceans. Understanding the ocean impact is rather important because that is where about 90% of the increase in heat has gone. We do have accurate historical atmospheric temperature measurements, but … Read more

Correction: Ocean heat Buildup

On the 31st October a paper was published in Nature that laid out the evidence for Earth’s oceans soaking up about 60% more heat that had been previously estimated. On 2nd Nov I wrote a posting that highlighted it. Since then there has been an update on all of this. Mathematician Nic Lewis, who is … Read more

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