What does the Quran really say?

Sugar coated religious claims from apologists who would like to convert you are quite common and often pop up, and so here is a recent Islamic example from FB … DO GOOD TO OTHERS, YOUR LIFE WILL BE MEANINGFUL “Do good to others as Allah has done good to you.” – Quran 28:77 “Anyone who does … Read more

Religious beliefs – how they trick believers into spreading the belief

I’ve been having a dialogue with several Muslims who are busy conducting what some Muslims might refer to as an internet Jihad. In this context that basically means that they have established Facebook groups designed to reach out and convert non-Muslims, and have invited in all and sundry. Why do they do this, what motivates … Read more

Head-to-Head with Islamic “God did it” claims

Right now I am having a semi-friendly “discussion” in a Facebook group with a bunch of rather committed Islamic folks. It’s their thing, they have this concept called Da‘wah. That literally means “issuing a summons” or “making an invitation”. If this is not something you are aware of, well think of it as being similar … Read more

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