Egypt deploying fake bomb detector as a cure for AIDS

Things in Egypt are really not turning out well at all, the revolution may have offered hope, but then a bunch of religious lunatics hijacked it all and proceeded to impose their specific religious ideals by force upon the population. The Military responded and they in turn grabbed power, and so we are once again back … Read more

Catholicism and AIDS – Lying for Jesus

The manner in which the Catholic church handles the topic  of AIDS is quite frankly bizarre, and illustrates the degree of their utter moral bankruptcy. It is highly ironic, not only because they claim to hold the high moral ground, but also because they claim to have an exclusive direct line to God. This of course is a complete delusion, but I need not ponder on that, it is blindly obvious to any critical thinker.

The latest news is that a Vatican cardinal, Cardinal Tarcisio Berton, opened an international conference on AIDS with a speech that strongly defended the church’s two-pronged strategy against the disease – education of consciences and mobilization of Catholic health resources for patients.

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