Professor Richard Wiseman – 10 quirky science stunts

Professor Richard Wiseman started out as a professional magician, but since he now holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, he has obviously left all that behind him … or has he?

Perhaps not, because he has just made the following YouTube video in which he shows you 10 really cool science tricks, so quite clearly his roots are coming out …

If curious to know more about Richard, then here are a couple more details about him. The British Psychological Society recently listed Prof Wiseman as the most followed psychologist on Twitter, and he was named as one of the Independent on Sunday’s top 100 people who make Britain a better place to live, so if you’ve watched the video above you will begin to see why. Would you believe that over 1 million people have taken part in his mass participation experiments, and his YouTube channel has received over 11 million views.

He also has his own blog here with lots of really cool stuff on it, so if you have a few moments,  then why not click on over … enjoy.

If curious to know even more, well he also has a website here.

As for the video … if that was fun … then here is another 10 party science tricks …

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