The International day of Coffee

In honour of the International day of coffee, I bring this humble offering to the roasted bean alter …


OK, I confess, I’m a few days late, International Coffee day was actually 29th September.

Is the 29th Sept really “International Coffee day”, or am I making it up? No, it really was.

Says who … no really, who gets to decide if a specific day is the International day of <insert whatever you like here> , what is it that makes it official? Nothing really, just declare it and see if anybody likes the idea and picks it up. Some days such as “International Talk like a pirate day” which was indeed just made up and promoted by Dave Barry in 2002 is still very much alive and well (Sep 19), so apparently you can indeed just make this stuff up and it can potentially take off and have a life of its own, and yes we observed talk-like-a-pirate-day in the office … no seriously, we really we did, but as for International Coffee day, well, apparently only a small handful of countries actually do observe it.

As best as I can tell, the name “International Coffee Day” was first used by the Southern Food and Beverage Museum which called a press conference on October 3, 2009 to celebrate ‘International Coffee Day’ and to announce the first New Orleans Coffee Festival, except of course for one tiny flaw, they went for 3rd Oct … oops, ah but wait, they published that story on 29th Sept, so does that count?

You know I’m not taking this too seriously, so enough for now. I’m off for a coffee because as far as I’m concerned “coffee day” is every day.


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