Interested in being educated at MIT for free? … Well, now you can.

I tripped over this today and thought to myself … “Ohhh interesting” … MIT have put all their courses on-line and made them freely available to all.

“The idea is simple: to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.”
Dick K.P. Yue, Professor, MIT School of Engineering

OK, no babbling from me, lets talk specifics …

  • Here is their Home Page
  • Ah but of more immediate interest … here is a link of their about page (yes, I know, they link to it from the home page, this simply saves you a jump) … and yes, those stats are truly impressive … 2150 courses on-line and … 125 million visitors (or perhaps just one very eager student visit ion 125 million times perhaps? … nah, I guess not)

OK, yes … needle in haystack time … so what should you go for? You can crowd source perhaps and consider seeing what is popular

  • Well … here are the most popular (using Nov 2013 site traffic)

But no, there is a better way. Yes, Single Variable Calculus is indeed popular, but if you have no real interest or passion for it, then it is not for you … no really, it’s not. In the end if there is a topic that you are curious about, and can feel a burning desire to learn more, then that is what you use to make your choice, because that is the topic that you will relish and bask within as you soak up new information.


Oh go on now, its the holiday season, take a bit of time out a learn something new.


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