Weird Religious News – Trump & Friends at CPAC

It’s that time of year again when we have what must be more or less a wet-dream for that blend of right-wing politics and religious fundamentalism. This past week saw CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) take place. No longer is this event a traditional Conservative event, this is a new shiny CPAC reformed in the image of Trump…

CPAC 2019 looks pretty much like a Trump campaign event, gathering the important voices of his base around the hot-button, fear-based issues emerging as the campaign’s messaging themes: abortion and guns, with some red-baiting tossed in for good measure. Other right-wing grievances, such as the false claim of widespread voter fraud and LGBTQ rights, will also be addressed, of course. And there will be cries of “Fake news!” along with fantastical tales of censorship of conservatives, too. There’s a little something for everyone.

It’s all basically MAGA Hucksters, Conspiracy Theorists, All-Around Extremists, Professional Moralists, Stokers of Manufactured Grievance, Capitol Hill Sycophants, and associated Supporters of all this lunacy. This motley crew are not exactly awe inspiring unless you just apple to be a right-wing fundamentalist.

I’m really not kidding about CPAC. The Washingtonian asked the various media reporters attending what they thought of it all. Most had some truly weird encounters.

So what has the last week brought us, both from at CPAC and also from the wider the community of this delusional band.

What happened during the last 7 days?


The Cult of Trump

Mike Lindell: Trump Is ‘The Greatest President in History’ Because ‘He Was Chosen by God’…“God answered our millions of prayers and gave us grace and a miracle happened on November 8, 2016,” –

(He is basically claiming that God pulled off a bit of electoral fraud for them)

Whacky Conspiracies

  • Mark Taylor and Chris McDonald Expose the Connection Between Aurora, Christian Bale, and the Illuminati…”Chris McDonald and so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor are convinced that both shootings were simply “false flags” created by the Illuminati to distract America from President Trump’s successful efforts to destroy the deep state.
  • Rick Wiles: Your Phone Company Is Creating the ‘Mark of the Beast System’…“I’m telling you, they’re setting up the Mark of the Beast system and you need to be alarmed. You need to tell your phone company that you are going to resist it unto death. You have to resist it unto death! You have to do this. There is no choice in this, there is no gray area … This is life or death, you have to resist it. Anybody who receives the Mark of the Beast shall be cast into the lake of fire.” – (He can of course chose to simply not bother having a phone if he is all that fussed about it)
  • Liz Crokin excitedly reports that “Q posted there will be BIG BIG BIG happenings in the next 21 days.” – (Like every single previous prediction from her, Nope, nope … and … Nope)
  • Tom Horn says that some Jewish leaders believe President Trump “to be the first messianic figure who paves the way for the coming of the man who will actually be the Messiah.” – (He might say it, but it’s not true, they don’t believe it)

The promotion of Intolerance

… and then we have this …

  • Julio Severo goes after the Family Research Council for being insufficiently anti-gay. – (Yes indeed, she is lambasting homophobic bigots for not being sufficiently intolerant)

Witchcraft claims

Linda Harvey warns New England Patriots players and coaches to stay away from Tom Brady because his wife, Gisele Bundchen, is a witch: “A warning to Brady’s Patriot teammates and coaches: don’t stand too close to him on the field. Or sit too close to his wife. Just sayin’.”…

(I suspect he and his wife would be truly delighted if those that believed this BS did indeed not get too close to them)

More updates on Catholic Abuse

  • Cardinal Admits the Catholic Church Destroyed Files to Cover Up Child Sex Abuse…
  • Pope Calls for “All-Out Battle” on Child Sex Abuse… But Offers No Solutions
  • It’s Official: A Top Vatican Official Was Found Guilty of Child Sex Abuse

(None of the above is a surprise anymore. What is perhaps a surprise is that they still have people who identify as Catholic)

Weirdest Item of the week?

As usual there is lots to choose from. My choice this week is this …

The truly weird bit here is not just that she promotes this claim, but that her entire audience appears to be as delusional as she is.

Well OK, one last pun. You do know of course that this is simply a self-appointed prophet trying to make a bit of profit.

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