Weird Religious News – The Demise of a reputable Impartial Supreme Court

In this week’s weird religious news posting we can see that the highly politicised right-wing believers were operating on a frenzied overdrive during the past week.

They now have what the want – a dishonest corrupt judge sitting on the supreme court. The issue is not just about what he did as a teen, but that he is highly partisan and also quite happy to lie under oath. There are plenty of right-wing leaning candidates who not only do not have a queue of women with a credible story about a sexual attack, but do actually have the temperament to be impartial and non-partisan, so why they opted for Kavanaugh I have quite honestly no idea.

This is perhaps the story of the week, because this moment is what the 2016 election was really all about.

What Happened during the past seven days?

It was not that they did not believe Dr Ford, but instead that they simply don’t care …

  • Christian Publisher: Even if Kavanaugh Assaulted a Woman, It’s Typical Behavior

Then again, when it comes to hypocrisy, these folks have truly cornered the market …

  • Republican Lawmaker Flew on Strip Club Owner’s Plane to Meet Faith Leaders

Conspiracy claims are popping up fast for Rick Wiles …

Then of course there are claims that objections to the appointment of an accused sexual attacker is evil and/or demonic …

Mark Taylor is growing increasingly delusional …

And some are dreaming of things to come …

Some who saw the hearings are a tad smarter than the GOP Senate …

  • Jesuit Magazine: After Kavanaugh’s Hearing, We Take Back Our Endorsement
  • National Council of Churches: Brett Kavanaugh “Must Step Aside Immediately”

Meanwhile The Catholic Church is still up to its old tricks …

… but the days of them getting away with it are passing …

  • U.S. Catholics Are Fed Up With Pope Francis’ Handling of the Sex Abuse Scandal
  • Man Sues All Catholic Bishops in California Alleging Massive Conspiracy
  • Watchdog Group Announces It Will Spend $1,000,000 Probing Catholic Cardinals

How have people responded to the Confirmation?

Official Statements via The Friendly Atheist …

Larry T. Decker, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America:

The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to our nation’s highest court is a supreme injustice. By voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, the Senate has compromised the integrity of the Supreme Court and imperiled the civil rights of the most vulnerable among us. Our decision to oppose Kavanaugh was taken after a serious consideration of his record, to the extent it was available, and how his rulings would impact secular Americans and the separation of church and state. Throughout his legal career, Judge Kavanaugh has repeatedly issued rulings and opinions that convey a disturbing rejection of the constitutional principle of a separation between church and state. There is no reason to doubt that Justice Kavanaugh will bring this radical jurisprudence with him to the Supreme Court and issue rulings that erode the Establishment Clause, undermine civil rights, and further distort the principle of religious liberty. The damage done by these rulings will far outlast Justice Kavanaugh’s tenure on the Court or the political careers of the Senators who helped put him there.”

“One doesn’t even have to look too closely at Judge Kavanaugh when they recognize the unwavering support of the religious right. This well funded, extreme religious minority has proven time and time again that they do not care about values or the Constitution — they care nothing about the things that truly make America great. They care about their agenda and their agenda only, at all costs and at all expense. Our nation needs to wake up to the damning effects they have on our democracy and strip this minority of their political might.”

“The United States is still a democracy and its future will not be decided by any one judge’s rulings but by the votes of tens of millions of Americans. Those Senators who voted to confirm Kavanaugh must know they are supporting the theocratic agenda of an extreme religious minority at the expense of women, LGBTQ Americans, religious minorities, and nontheists. The Secular Coalition for America will ensure that voters do not forget which side they chose.”

Rachel Laser, CEO and President of Americans United for Separation of Church and State:

Brett Kavanaugh has shown himself to be unworthy of a seat on the Supreme Court, and today’s vote in the Senate is a stain on that institution. Rather than a full and fair hearing that would have examined Kavanaugh’s record and the serious charges against him, the country saw a rushed, perfunctory process that had all the hallmarks of a sham.

Kavanaugh’s views alone disqualified him from the Supreme Court, particularly his opposition to the separation of religion and government. His record as a judge of allowing people to use ‘religious freedom’ to discriminate is especially ominous in light of the Religious Right’s movement, empowered and emboldened by this administration, to misuse this core American principle to advance a regressive political agenda.“As if his troubling stances were not enough, the Senate’s failure to adequately address the serious allegations of Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct is enraging. Survivors deserve better than that. Women deserve better than that. This country deserves better than that.

“We are thankful for the millions of people, including our own relentless members, who spoke out against his nomination. No matter what, we will continue to fight for our foundational principles and will not be deterred in preserving real religious freedom for all Americans. Today’s vote only makes our work all the more important.

“Through this painful process, the country has been reminded of the importance of our courts and the political branches that choose judges. With an important election a month away, we must not lose sight of understanding that who represents us matters deeply.”

Nick Fish, President of American Atheists:

From the moment Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to this position, we knew that he presented a unique and existential threat to the constitutional principles of religious equality and the separation of religion from government.

During this confirmation process, our worst fears about Kavanaugh’s record, judicial philosophy, and temperament were confirmed. He has repeatedly shown himself to be a partisan ideologue who is more interested in protecting religious privilege for politically powerful sects than standing up for true religious freedom.

Kavanaugh’s views on religious issues are deeply outside the mainstream and threaten decades of precedent on issues ranging from taxpayer subsidy of religion and proselytizing in public schools, to civil rights protections for LGBTQ Americans and access to reproductive health care for women.

His confirmation to the Supreme Court is sad day for all Americans who value equality, justice, and fairness. This process has profoundly undermined our confidence that the Supreme Court will remain an even-handed forum for resolving the most important legal issues facing our nation. Kavanaugh will instead be the deciding vote in cases that ensure religion retains its privileged position in American politics and expands its use as a weapon against vulnerable people.

From the viewpoint of the right-wing religious, such views have no consequence because they see themselves as the only group with “truth”. Their belligerence, intolerance, pure hypocrisy, and desperate rush to grab power has resulted in a rapidly growing demographic – the Nones.

In the long run it is inevitable that their actions will have consequences.

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