The Cult of Fools – GQP Cancel Culture – May 16, 2021

Dear Leader literally hated Liz Cheney because she prefers truth rather than the embrace of his big lie. She refused to bow and grovel to him, so she got booted by the Trump sycophants. Her replacement? Obviously somebody with a tongue that is distinctly orange after licking Trump’s arse.

Did any other crazy things float to the surface out of this swamp during this past week?

Indeed yes. There is never any shortage. When one party abandons truth, reality, decency, the rule of law, and basic human empathy, then you are guaranteed an ongoing weekly shit-show.

You will find below a few more examples. I’ve highlighted these so that we can laugh about it all. I find that to be the best response to the batshit insane that flows from this cult of fools.

Don’t get angry, instead mock them. They have worked so hard to earn that mockery, so why disappoint.

COVID-19 Nuts

  • DeAnna Lorraine Complains that Offering Different Seating Sections to Vaccinated Spectators Is Just Like the Holocaust and Jim Crow
    • I’m truly “shocked” that an ardent COVID-19 denier and tireless anti-vaxxer would ever take such a stance.
    • On the same segment she also said, “I don’t want to be hanging out with the vaxxed anyways,”, so I have honestly no idea if she does or does not want separate seating.
    • I do however love the observation that the vaccine comes with a bonus benefit – it motivates these loons to avoid me.
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to rant about Dr. Anthony Fauci: “People need to stop listening to his crazy, insane advice.
    • Yep, let’s toss all that “crazy insane advice” that is scientific, evidence-based, and verifiable, and instead roll whatever randomly pops up on Facebook, what could possibly go wrong.
  • Anti-Vaxxer White Evangelicals Are Tearing Apart Their Own Families and Churches
    • I’ll pass on making a quip on this one. I’ll simply point out that it is utterly tragic that their embrace of the anti-vaccine lie is so utterly destructive.

Caitlyn Jenner

To be wholly clear, Caitlyn Jenner is “she”. That however does not in any way give her behaviour a free pass, she is still an ignorant arsehole (she supports Ted Cruz). Translation: People have rights, ideas don’t, especially bad ideas. The backstory here is that she is standing as a Republican candidate, and that beautifully gives the GQP nutters a huge dilemma.

  • Anti-Trans Christians Can’t Decide if They Support Caitlyn Jenner for Governor
    • She is a Republican who has the best chance of beating Newsom. So what wins here, the Republican anti-trans bigotry or their desire to “own the libs”?

Truly Bizarre

  • “Prophetess” Kat Kerr: I’ll Show You a Picture I Took of Demons in Chains “If I Find It”
    • My immediate thought – She has a picture of Trump and his pals locked up?
    • Side Note: For some, as long as whatever is being claimed includes the word “Jesus” in it somewhere then by default it will be embraced as “truth”. While funny, it is also deeply sad.
  • Leader of “Love Has Won” Cult Found Dead, Eyeless, and Mummified
    • What some embrace as “truth” is often far stranger than you can ever possibly imagine.

Fools of the week – The False Profit$

The stars of this weekly show are of course the religious grifters. To be wholly clear, most humans, regardless of their cultural belief or non-belief are decent. Some however deploy and leverage belief as a tool to manipulate and enrich themselves with. This section is very much dedicated to these con artists …

  • Hank Kunneman declares that President Joe Biden “doesn’t exist”: “God doesn’t reward and bless a thief.”
    • This is his “solution” to not coming to terms with his “prophecy” of a Trump win in 2020 being demonstrably wrong – reject reality, and embrace a fantasy.
  • Also Self-Proclaimed ‘Prophet’ Hank Kunneman Says Only Other ‘Prophets’ Have the Authority to Question Him
    • I herby declare myself an official “Prophet”. I now declare with full official “Prophet Authority” that Hank is full of Bullshit.
    • You can also do this with exactly the same degree of “Prophet” certification that Hank has, no belief required.
    • Side Note: Cult 101 – when the leader says that you can’t question him then it’s a cult.
  • Despite the fact that Biden has been in the White House for nearly four months, Kat Kerr continues to insist that he is not in authority and that Donald Trump is still the president.
    • At least Hank is not alone, rejecting reality is a common play amongst these “prophets”.
  • Bishop Larry Gaiters appeared on the QAnon program “Up Front In The Prophetic,” where he declared that the deaths of Biden’s wife and daughter in 1972 and the death of his son Beau in 2015 were a “satanic sacrifice” to help Biden’s political career.
    • “Bishop” Larry is apparently offering up his credibility as a burnt offering.
  • Trumpist State Sen. Doug Mastriano Is Preparing for God’s Call to Run for Governor of Pennsylvania 
    • His “God” will no doubt give him the call when he picks up the phone and dials his number from Mar-A-Lago
  • Dave Hayes recounts a dream he had in 2016 where God allegedly showed him a world “where there was no poverty, there was no sickness, there was no homelessness” for those who voted for Donald Trump: “Everywhere I went, there was lavish abundance.”
    • The catch; all this “Lavish Abundance” was only owned by Trump because he had conned it all from everybody else.
  • Bishop Larry Gaiters claims that President Joe Biden, Tom Hanks, and Bill and Hillary Clinton are all dead and have been replaced by clones.
    • The “Bishop” appears to have mistaken the SiFi channel as a News Channel. Not really a surprise for a guy who has made a career out of the idea that his imaginary friend is real.

That’s a wrap for this week.

Will next week be any different, is it possible for all these crazy people to suddenly find some common sense?

Nope, most are too deeply invested. They can’t jump off the train as it continues to roll over a cliff.

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