The Cult of Fools – “Mike Lindell Interviews Trump” – Nov 21, 2021

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This past week brought us Mike Lindell interviewing Trump. Jimmy Kimmel really nailed it with this quip …

“Donald Trump doesn’t have a dog, not since he broke up with Mike Pence anyway, But he does have a MyPillow guy. Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, has been licking master’s butt again. … It was like watching a ventriloquist get interviewed by his dummy,”

Mike has yet another big showdown promised. He has been claiming that unnamed state attorneys general will file a case with the Supreme Court on November 23. Well yes, I know, this is simply his latest of many “big reveal” moments that all become nothing burgers. Lindell also insists that his telethon will “absolutely” refute Dominion’s claims and that the election was not stolen. Also again, when we have faced this claim in that past multiple times from Mike, each fell flat due to … (insert drum roll here) … no credible evidence.

What can I say except to perhaps observe that our past experience here is very much a powerful indicator of what is coming.

So what else happened this past week?

Below you will find my usual selection of some truly bizarre claims that popped up during the last 7 days. So, with a hat-tip to my main source, Right-Wing watch, it is time to dive in.


Jim Darlington warns that COVID-19 and the vaccines are a plot to commit genocide: “We are being murdered, en masse. We are witnesses to genocide. This is what follows the ‘death of god’ as the night follows the day.

  • Yet it is the unvaccinated that are dying. It’s almost as if … (gasp!) … the vaccine works.
  • death of God” – but that supposedly happened 2,000 years ago on a cross as a human sacrifice to himself to appease himself … right?

(Joe Jervis reports): Christian Broadcasters Sue Biden Admin Claiming That Vaccine Mandates Are “A Sin Against God’s Holy Word.”

  • It is actually a choice – get the vaccine or get tested weekly. How exactly is this a “sin”?
  • Next week no doubt these same folks will be Suing the Biden Admin because being forced to wear seatbelts, and being banned from driving while drunk are also “A Sin Against God’s Holy Word”.

Sherri Tenpenny Says Giving Children COVID-19 Vaccines Is a Form of ‘Very, Very, Very, Very Late-Term Abortion’

Rick Wiles blamed Jews for using the COVID-19 pandemic to impose “tyranny” on the country.

  • Wiles is a well-known vehement antisemite
  • But hey, this is via his TruNews, a show that attracts the craziest cranks.

Mario Murillo says that Sesame Street promoting COVID-19 vaccines is “the most demonic thing I’ve seen in a long time”: “This is the worst form of bullying and peer pressure that you can possibly use in society.”

  • (writes notes) – Things that are demonic and bullying; Sesame Street and Public Health Policy. Things that are not demonic or bullying; giving AR-15 assault rifles to 17 year old kids and letting them loose to go shoot and kill people, then letting then walk free after they leave several dead.
  • Incidentally, some really do hate Sesame Street. This past week Oliver Willis @ The American Independent reports that Fox News pushes to defund PBS after ‘Sesame Street’ adds Asian American puppet.

Dave Daubenmire asserts that COVID-19 vaccines are killing thousands of people and asks, “Aren’t doctors subject to the Nuremberg Codes?

  • Google, show me somebody who is happy to self-certify to the entire world that they are utterly clueless.

Truly Bizarre

Having been fired from TruNews, also known as Crank central, Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall are teaming up to launch a “Christian Media Company to counter the Luciferian stranglehold on Conservative Media.

  • If you are too much of a Kook for even TruNews, a very far right conspiracy theorist crank outlet, then you know that you are indeed pioneering Crackpottery.
  • And yes, you do recognise her name. This Lauren Witzke was indeed the official GOP candidate for Delaware who was also arrested in 2017 on multiple drug related offences and also admitted that she worked for Mexican drug cartels.
  • Let’s not forget that she seriously believes that the world is flat and much more.

David Gilbert @ Vice News: Inside the QAnon Cult That Believes JFK Is About to Return.

  • Quote: “What drew me in more than that was an opportunity to be with like-minded people, because everybody’s story in this movement is that we’ve lost friends,” – Lost friends, well gosh, I just can’t imagine how that could have happened.
  • Another Quote to illustrate the price they paid for embracing the delusion: “I know many people who won’t now be able to afford Christmas, but it was more important for them to be there, or they don’t know how they’re gonna pay the next month’s mortgage payment,” McNamara said. “Many people make huge sacrifices financially, in their relationships, in their lives, just to be there.

David Lane warns that “The Spirit of Antichrist Has Enveloped America.”

  • To save you the bother of looking, he is babbling nonsense about the vaccine and is strongly opposed to it. It is part of his deep desire to turn Christianity into a suicide cult.
  • The deep irony here is that his antichrist claim is actually correct. The term antichrist literally means an alternative messiah. Lane, who promotes Trump as God’s chosen one, the messiah, is literally “the spirit of Antichrist” incarnate.

QAnon conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) assured viewers that “the Storm is pretty darn close to being here”: “I think that 2022 is going to be glorious.”

  • The QAnon claim of “a storm any day now” has been perpurally on the agenda for literally years. No matter how much time passes, it remains “any day now”. You do have to wonder how many more years of nothing happening is needed for people to wise up to the con.

Jackson Lahmeyer Says Anthony Fauci Is ‘A Mass-Murderer’ While Kyle Rittenhouse Is ‘An American Hero’

  • Some really do literally adore and cherish their guns and at the same time abhor and revile public health policies. What can one say except welcome to 2021.

The False Profit$

Johnny Enlow sees prophetic significance in the Atlanta Braves’ World Series championship. Enlow also saw prophetic significance in the results of the College Football Championship and the Super Bowl.

  • Next Thursday Johnny will be advising what “prophetic insights” have been granted to him via the significance of the shape of the Turkey giblets than land on his plate.

Scott Lively is convinced that “ours is the last generation before the Lord’s return.

  • The authors of the Gospels was convinced that theirs was the last generation before “the Lord’s return”.
  • Over the last two thousand years, each and every generation has people who embrace a similar unshakable and quite delusional belief.

Spiritual Warfare: Mark Taylor Accuses His Fellow ‘Prophets’ and Charismatic Leaders of ‘Operating in Witchcraft’

  • He appears to be simply pissed that he is no longer getting the uncritical adulation that he craves

There is something ironic about supremely arrogant right-wing pastor Greg Locke preaching on “the absolute power of humility.”

  • Well yes, I know, I know. For all of us familiar with Greg, this, as the old saying goes, just busted all our industrial strength irony meters.

MAGA pastor Mark Burns, who is running for Congress in South Carolina, declares that “this is a Christian nation, and any policy that is contrary to the word of God, we need to remove it from mainstream America and make it illegal.

  • (Writes more notes) Things supported by “the word of God”: Slavery, Women being silent and ruled over by men, stoning to death of people caught in adultery. Anybody suggesting otherwise is clearly opposing the “word of god” and is guilty of Blasphemy. The penalty for that is stoning.

Finally, no weekly posting is complete without whatever it is that Pastor Shane Vaughan has cobbled up. This week it is this Gem. Shane Vaughn urges liberals to contact him right away so he can pray for them “and try to cast that disease out of your mind.

Some Good News

Let’s finish on a high note.

You might, or perhaps might not be aware of who Alex Jones is. If not, then that might be because he has been banned from major platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Spotify for violating their hate speech policies.

For those unfamiliar with him, permit me to quickly bring you up to speed. He is renowned as a conspiracy theorist who promotes whacky claims via his various outlets. One specific one concerns his claim that the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened and that nobody died.

This on the surface alone was a very distressing claim for the parents of kids who died. Because Jones kept pushing and promoting this claim, his followers proceeded to harass and threaten the parents on a daily basis because they believed they were just paid actors.

After literally years of such on-going haressment, the parents sued Jones.

Not too long ago, September 27, 2021, to be precise, a district judge in Texas issued default judgments against Jones. This was specifically for two lawsuits that had been filed against him in 2018 – he is required to pay all damages.

The update from this past week is that a superior court judge in Connecticut issued yet another default judgment. Where things now stand is that he has lost all of the Sandy Hook Defamation lawsuits.

While a day of financial reckoning for Jones is not quite here yet, those hearings have yet to happen, what has now happened is that truth finally has prevailed.

He knows what is coming and so Brad Reed @ Raw Story reports this past week (Nov 17) that Alex Jones is now begging for cash after losing these massive defamation lawsuits to Sandy Hook families.

In a truly f**ked up world, sometimes the good guys really do win.

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