Is there a God?

There is a claim that an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent “Supreme Being” exists … however, this claim has a rather profound problem that many choose to sweep under the carpet and ignore.

The problem is this … we live in a world in which many truly horrendous events happen … stuff that is totally tragic. This then leaves you with only four choices which are as follows:

  1. God does not know about all this bad stuff … if true, then he is not all-knowing, and so cannot be God.
  2. God knows, but he does not care … in which case you are worshiping a truly evil supernatural entity.
  3. God both knows and cares, … but is not able to intervene, so once again we are back to him not being God.
  4. Finally … we have the most logical conclusion, God goes not exist.

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