Weird Religious News – Who is a “True” Christian?

When I highlight the weird religious news that illustrates the truly daft things that have been “inspired” then there are two inevitable responses … Most who believe will happily advise “They are not true Christians” It’s bloody depressing to see just how absurdly crazy and obnoxious many can be The first is perhaps firmly rooted … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

This posting is a regular one where I put up a list of Weird Religious News that has popped up during the past seven day. Religious belief is generally accepted by most without giving it too much thought. It is simply part of a cultural inheritance. Most who believe tend to be decent honourable people … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News – The Cult of Trump

Each week I throw a spotlight upon news items that qualify as weird religious news. Did people who are religious act with decency, integrity, and honour during the past seven days? Seriously yes, many did, but there were also those who were inspired by what they believe, and so they incarnated and manifested stupidity, intolerance, … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

For this weekly posting of weird religious news I usually pick just three items to highlight and then zoom in on those. This week I’ll do something slightly different. Instead I’ll give you a quick listing from various different sources to illustrate that religious weirdness is not simply running at a burn rate of just … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

Within some of the the circles of deeply held belief there are human attributes that remain both constant and persistent. Terms such  “new heart”, and “born-again”, are issued, along with testimony that asserts a new better life is supposedly on offer. Over time what become apparent is that what truly persists and prevails is not … Read more

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