Christian Chocolatiers upset by non-christian chocolate bunnies

It sounds bizarre, but it is indeed all quite true. The mainstream manufactures of chocolate easter eggs and bunnies stand accused of rebranding them to avoid offending non-Christians – specifically the complaint is that the word “Easter” or “Jesus” is not emblazoned on each box. This bizarre accusation comes from David Marshall of the Meaningful Chocolate Company, and the … Read more

Is the Easter Myth really a “fact” ?

Easter is fast approaching and so the apologists are once again ramping up their rather familiar arguments. A rather popular example of this is perhaps Lee Strobel who is promoted as the Atheist Journalist who turned to Jesus and converted after examining all the evidence for the resurrection. Wow, “evidence”, now that sounds interesting. Ah but is this … Read more

Claim: There is “Evidence” that demands a verdict for Jesus

Jerry Newcombe, a Christian apologist, has a posting up that is entitled “A challenge to skeptics: an Easter message“. Ooooh, a challenge, who can resist, so I thought I’d take a look (spoiler alert: don’t hold your breath waiting to be challenged because you won’t be). Have you ever heard of Theudas? How about Judas of … Read more

It’s magic Friday

If you have no idea what I’m on about, then you should indeed celebrate. Alas, most do know exactly what I’m talking about. Today the moon is in the right phase (yes really, it is that bizarre), and so a good percentage of the population are celebrating today as the day that god gets killed … Read more

Once upon a time long long ago …

Yep, its that time of year again folks …

Once upon a time long long ago … there existed a magical garden that had been created by a supernatural entity, and into this garden it put the first man and first woman that ever lived. Sadly the woman was tricked by a talking snake into eating some fruit, and so the magical super-entity became angry and tossed the pair out.

[roll forward in time to about 2,000 years ago]

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