Catholic Priest writes about a Atheist debate he attended … its an insanely silly rebuttal.

David Olson, a catholic priest, has written an article in the La Crosse Tribune today in response to a debate that he attended at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, sponsored by The La Crosse Area Freethought Society and the student atheist group. It is exactly what you might expect, that swooshing sound folks distinctly heard during the debate was … Read more

Vatican Responds to Irish Criticism: 25-Pages of “Nope, not our fault”

The Vatican has finally responded to the scathing criticism directed at them by the Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. A few months ago the findings of the Cloyne report revealed on-going abuse and cover-up,  so caused considerable anger. In response the Taoiseach (the head of the Irish government) stood up in the Dail (the Irish Parliment)  and gave a speech in which he described “the dysfunction, disconnection and elitism” in the Vatican and accused them of interferring by blocking the reporting of abuse to the Irish Authorities.

A 25 page reply from the Vatican has now been issued in which they state:

“… significant reservations that the speech made by Enda Kenny… in particular, the accusation that the Holy See attempted to frustrate an inquiry in a sovereign democratic republic, is unfounded.”

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Irish Religion vs Irish Law

This one is of specific interest to me because I was born and educated in Ireland. OK, so here is what has happened so far. Cardinal Sean Brady, Ireland’s most senior Catholic cleric voiced vehement opposition to Irish government’s plans to criminalize priests who do not report sex abuse admitted in the confessional. In other … Read more

Catholic Loon – Another daft “One Truth” claim

Not too long ago I blogged about a truly silly rant within the National Catholic Register by Catholic convert Frank Cronin. Well that was only part 1, and so today we have part 2 to laugh at and mock. Last time it was all about the “Blind Irrational Faith” of Atheism, a title that was highly ironic and laughable when you consider that this was coming from a Catholic apologist. As for actual evidence or a logically reasoned argument – none, it was just a collection of straw men arguments. So is this latest article the same? lets see. It opens with …

In the Church of the One Truth there are no ceremonies, no sacraments, no saints. There are no cathedrals, no worship, no mass. There are no sacred books, sacred music, sacred creeds. There is no morality, no accountability …

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Catholic Loon: writes about “The Blind, Irrational Faith of Atheism”

There is a (long) article in yesterdays National Catholic Register (click this link), by a chap called Frank Cronin. Now what makes it interesting is that he was once an Atheist, but no longer is, so this is his attempt to explain why there is something beyond.

He is also qualified, he has a degree in theology and converted to Catholicism in 2007

Side observation: A degree in theology? … Regardless of what many might think, that is almost akin to claiming you have a degree in toothology so you are qualified to do dentistry, I’d contend it is not real education.

Shall we start mocking now … oh come on now, you know this is going to be silly … right? Well, lets take a look.

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Its the Catholics again … avoiding responsibility

I often wonder if I’ve heard every possible excuse to justify not accepting responsibility for child abuse. However, just when I think I have, along comes somebody to prove me completely wrong.

There is currently a case taking place in the UK that involves a girl known as “JGE”, who was sexually abused while a six-year-old resident at The Firs, a children’s home in Portsmouth run by an order of nuns, the English Province of Our Lady of Charity. JGE was sexually abused by Father Wilfred Baldwin, a priest of the Roman Catholic diocese of Portsmouth and its “vocations director”, who regularly visited The Firs during the 70s. Her legal team claim the nuns were negligent and in breach of duty, and that the diocese was liable for Baldwin’s alleged abuse as he was a Catholic priest engaged within the work of the diocese.

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