Climate Change and Cloud Cover – the new report

The climate change debate is heating up yet again. OK, so what has happened? Well, before I go there, lets first establish a few things so that you fully understand where I’m coming from. Man made climate change is real, the evidence is in, there is not really much real scientific controversy. In April 2010 a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that nearly 98% of working climate scientists accept the evidence for human-induced climate change, this latest study does not change that.

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Climate Change Cancelled?

Today we have an article in PhysOrg that reads …

New calculations suggest more than one in ten chance of colder UK winters.

As the Sun enters a period of low solar activity over the next 50 years, new research has calculated the probability of unusually cold winter temperatures occurring in the UK.

Last year, the same group of researchers, from the University of Reading, linked colder winters in Europe to low solar activity and predicted that the Sun is moving into a particularly low period of activity, meaning the UK will experience more cold winters in the future – potentially similar to those experienced in the Maunder minimum at the end of the 17th century.

The new research, published today in Environmental Research Letters, supports recent suggestions that sunspot activity is waning, and goes further, using the behaviour of the Sun over the last 9300 years to predict the probabilities of future solar changes.

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I’m a Climate skeptic

I’m a climate skeptic … however, what I do not mean is that I refute the concept of man-made climate change, because the evidence for that is clear. No instead I’m skeptical that we will do anything about it , but will instead carry on tinkering around the edges, doing a few small things, but will continue to not make the really big decisions. Its almost like the folks who pop a few vitamin pills, and by doing so create a false sense of security, and so carry on gorging themselves on mountains of junk food until they hit a tipping point and an overworked heart stops.

“Oh but wait”, you say, “we have lots happening, lots of meetings to agree targets, electric cars, we all re-cycle”. All true, but sadly it is simply not enough, the latest evidence I bring to the table is a leaked report that …. well here it is, read it for yourselves :

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Climate change is happening faster than scientists’ predicted.

As no doubt you are aware, there have been various predictions regarding climate change. What is now being observed is that those predictions are wrong … because what we are actually seeing is a far faster rate of change. David Biello wrote about this in Scientific American yesterday … Climate change is happening faster than … Read more

Climate Change Feedback loops

The Guardian has, what it is calling “The Ultimate Climate Change FAQ”, and today somebody has just updated the answer to one of the questions … its really quite interesting … well OK, all answers are, it just so happens that today’s caught my eye. The question is “What are Climate Change Feedback loops?” … … Read more

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